2 days
What’s the most safest way to help a dog gain weight? What are things I can add to her food to help her? And how often? Please let me know thanks so much:)BTW she’s not severely underweight so there’s know reason to call the vet or anything... she just needs a few extra pounds on her that’s all:)
2 days
Do not give your dog anything that will hurt them. Giving your dog drugs could hurt them and will cause them to be very slow and scared.
2 days
Since dogs don't like to be left alone for 8 hours a day
2 days
Recently my puppy became seriously ill so had her treated at the vet. The bill was close to $1000. I was $5 short (cause final bill was way higher than their estimate). So I promised them I'd pay next time I come in. A couple weeks later they sent me a demand letter to pay $5 and slapped on a $10 invoice fee whatever that is!I am outraged since I've spent over $5000 there just in the last couple of years.So don't you think the vet is a penny pinching petty person who might lose a customer over $5????
10 hours
This depends entirely on your version of "everything."Here's what I did when I did "everything:"

My backyard is an acre.I fenced it with chain link fencing some years ago.My dog kept getting out.I then put landscape timbers all around the outside of the fence, secured to the fence with large metal construction staples.She kept getting out.I then watched her and saw that she was actually climbing the fence.I had an electric containment fence buried inside the yard.She got shocked once and was terrified.I had the containment fence removed - parts were dug out, parts remained, the electrical box was removed - and put stockade fencing around the yard.

She no longer got out, and I did "everything."
1 day
I love Golden Retrievers and every one of them I've been around has been easy going, energetic and well mannered.
20 hours
She knows how to sit and stay when the door is open while I am there but once I walk out the door she wants to follow me out and I cant get her to properly stay. Help plz
2 days
Took in a 3 year old dog. Hes healthy and strong but hasn't had any of his shots. Can he still get them? What can I do
2 days
I hear a lot of negative reviews about Pit Bulls. Are there more people who approve of or disapprove of the dog breed?.
1 day
My dog is a 9 and a half year old female and she just peed on the floor out of nowhere today. Also about two days ago I smelled urine on a blanket in my room, and I assumed that it was just our cat because we have a kitten and he’s not quite potty trained yet, but now I’m starting to wonder if it was my dog. Just a little pee came out but idk if that’s because I immediately told her to stop and she was just starting to pee when I told her that or if she is having trouble urinating. Besides the peeing on the floor she’s acting pretty normally, her energy level is the same as it usually is and she still has an appetite and stuff. what does this sound like and what should I do? Is it too soon to take her to the vet?
2 days
spouse.(Therapy dog - a dog that was bred & trained to help people who suffered emotional abuse)
4 days
I have a German Sheppard that s approx. 4 months old and recently hes been desperately eating his food everytime we feed him. We feed him once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night, in the morning a somewhat full bowl, and I m the after noon and night half of it, sometimes more than half, and he still doesn t seem to be full, any answers as to what might be happening here?
3 days
I have a mixed jackdaniel/chihuahua dog, whom is 13 years old.He’s scared to death of thunder and he gets VERY mean and goes into attack mode towards me,during storms. He has left plenty a marks on me, from his attack modes. I’ve tried the thunder shirt (didn’t work)and now I put him in the bathroom, but he starts chewing the bottom of the door and peeing on everything. Once the thunder stops and I open the door, he starts growling at me. I think he’s so worked up, at this point, he doesn’t realize the thunder has stopped.I’ve tried everything form being nice and loving, fussing at him, ignoring him and then putting him in the bathroom.I have to put him in the bathroom or I do believe, he’d tear me up. Of course, I don’t do these things all at once (I’ve tried each on different stormy days).Other than the thunder attacks, he is a very loyal and loving dog to me.Any advice?? 😊 I’ve also had this dog from birth.......I bottle fed him from a week old, due to a condition his mother had.So, to answer what’s probably on a lot of minds, he’s never been abused nor lived in any other home.
2 days
Not nationality, and not specific 'relatives' - though DNA could be used to show if two animals came from the same bloodline. Animal DNA is no different that plant DNA in the ways it can be used.If someone wants to know if their dog has a certain breed in the mix, DNA will confirm or deny it.
2 days
No one wants their dog to die.You are not alone.The GOOD news is that arthritis is not fatal.The BETTER news is that there are various treatments and medications.

Bless your mother for taking the dog to the Vet, getting medical advice, purchasing the medication.Not everyone does!

I would enjoy every day with the dog.I had a dog I loved dearly.One day he got sick and then sicker and then the Vet told me that there really was no hope, I had run out of options.I held him in my arms, looking into his eyes, when he was euthanized.I was heartbroken.

Two weeks later I ran into a friend, told her about the issue, and she said, "If you had two choices, which would you choose?One is to never have the dog in your life but you wouldn't be suffering now.The other is to have him in your life but you have to suffer."I picked having him in my life.

All good things end at some point or another.Enjoy being with him, knowing you love him and he loves you.Not all dogs have that comfort.Look forward to good times, good moments, and don't focus on the bad.

And your mother is a special woman - I see where you got your compassion!
1 day
We got an Anatolian Shepherd when she was 3 months old. She has shown some odd behavior since we had her. She’s acted aggression towards the vet, strangers and us. We have had her for 5 months now. She’s about 100 pounds. We just thought she needed socialization but she is not improving. She is getting worse. We want to start a family soon and I do believe dogs are a lifetime commitment but not when they are showing aggressive behavior. I spoke with the breeder we got her from and a behaviorist and they are both very concerned and understand that special training may not help. So our breeder is currently helping us find someone who can handle aggressive dogs and give her a nice home. My fiancé’s family think I’m taking the easy way out and they believe she can be fixed or that she’s acting like this because I’m not showing her I’m “alpha” which the alpha theory has been debunked so that’s a load of bologna. I cannot risk her hurting someone. So do I let them say goodbye (if I do they could try and forcefully take her which I cannot have because eventually they will want to watch our future kids and I don’t trust the dog around kids or they could insult me and cause a huge fight in person) or quietly rehome her? Either way they will be mad at me so I don’t know what to do. I asked for my moms advice and she said to quietly rehome her. But my fiancé is really upset and he knows his family likes the dog so I think it would make him feel better. Help!