22 hours
my cat has a small sore on the back of her neck and all the hair is gone and the skin looks red, it seems to be getting bigger so I dont know what to do
3 days
Is this harmful to cats? I've heard that de-clawing cats is harmful to them and prevents them from catching food, which is instinctual for them.Will this affect my cat in any way, other then not being able to have babies?
6 days
I have two female cats, one is a feral cat that doesn't like being close to people and the other is the daughter of that feral cat,so I can't exactly get them spayed and the other non-invasive birth control options seem expensive. So I was wondering if they can take human birth control pills?
1 day
My cats are so cute it doesn’t seem possible for something to be so cute and sweet
3 days
Cats rarely have any paternal instincts at all. An adult male cat will treat its own offspring about the same way it treats any cat. They have been known to kill their kittens.
2 days
My cat is 1 year old. He's a street cat. I adopted him when he was 1 month old. Now he's a strictly indoor cat. Never send him out. I tried everything to make him happy. But he's not used to me. He doesnt allow me to pet him. Yesterday i took him to the vet to get him neutered. When i took him out of the carrier.. He has scratched and bitten me very hard. I somehow managed to put him in the carrier back. Everyone at the hospital scolded me for adopting such a mean cat.. What should i do now? I cant leave him because he cant live outside on his own. But he's making noises and disturbing my other cats. My neighbours are also complaing about the noises. He's spraying all around the house. My life has become terrible. How shoud i take him to the vet?
3 days
I want to get a cat but my parents only apprehension is that it’s pre will stink out the house. Any ideas on how to prevent or minimalise the smell of cat pee?
3 days
I never had an issue with my indoor animals.I’ve had dogs thet go in and out sll day long.About 30 years ago I dealt with a flea infestation with one dog, it’s ownet insisted his dog was hyper allergic to fleas, he swore he inspected his chihuahua head to toe and she didn’t have a single flea on her.He was right.The darn dog had thousands of fleas on her, she was almost sucked dry, needed an emergency blood transfusion to save he life.All black dog, every time he flipped her on her back to look frfleas they scrambled into the deep thick fur.He wasn’t that bright of a guy.

I ended up having fleas the all the dogs and the one cat we had as a precaution to prevent the house from becoming bug city.I vacuumed twice a day, sprayed the flea bomb, and used flea powder.Did not see a single flea after that.As a precaution I bug bombed the garden (profe cio ally to get rid of all the fleas and the over population of ants.

Have used the preventitive flea oils then the pills since then,never had a single flea in all these years.

If you comb Nd groom your animals on a regular if not daily basis you can prevent a lot of problems.You can feel lumps, cuts, bite,arks, bugs etc on the animal by runn8ng your hands all over their bodies, you also help bond with your pet by grooming them.You don’t think much of it but mutual grooming big in the animal kingdom.Some pets hate it because they were never taught to sit still.But after the first couple weeks my guys will bring me their brushes and lay belly up for me to get to work.

So far over the years I have found and aved my dogs lives from infected bug bites, snake bites, animal bites (infected abscess)tumors, cancer, broken bones, found two wounds from being shot at, one was bb rifle the other was a 22 caliber in the butt, no blood, just a mat of mud and pine needles.I have also prevented matted hairthat pull and kill off skin, hide foreign objects in their long and sometimes curley coats.

While it’s time consuming to groom your dog every s8ngle day, it takes less then two minut s to run a pin brush through your stwndsrd poodle, labradoodle, collie or any other long haired dogs coat, main body, back, chest, butt, legs, neck and done, get the big chunks and wind blown mate out instantly for when you groom later that eeek it dowas want take hours but maybe an hour if you do a thorough job.Since you’ve kept up the dog all during thhe week you also prevent the giant flea infestation by finding flea dirt or the ones that would fall out when you do the brushing.

This isn’t just dogs, long haired cats need to be kept up and occasionally bathed so if they ever really need a bath you don’t end up with half your face scratched off.All my cats love being in the shower.Mike isn’t crazy about an all,over wet Beth but loves the rain water feeling instead. Just stands quiet and let’s me rinse, soap, leather and rinse.I started him at 8 weeks old and he now jumps up to the sink when I put his bath mat in it.
3 days
We have a 7 month old male cat. Fixed! He CONSTANTLY gets on the counters! And while that's not normally an issue in of itself. The problem lies with him digging into whatever trash or food MIGHT be on the counters.We have to have locked trash cans so he doenst pull the trash out to eat. But aside from that, this cat somhow manages to find any hint of food, drag it out, and eat every single crumb. I've got 6 cats, and NONE of them have ever done that until this guy came into the picture!Ultimately the problem i'd like to correct is getting on the counter! I've tried the double sided tape things, and he doesnt care at all. We spray em with the water bottle, but he just waits until we go to bed to do it all.We don't have a lot of cabinet space, so we would typically leave bananas, tomatoes, etc; on the counter. BUT we can no longer do that due to him ravaging anything and everything food like.He eats twice daily, and is de-wormed. Has been health checked and is perfectly fine.Are there any tips or suggestions to curb the scavenging behavior, and to keep him off the counters?
2 days
I'm sorry you can't afford a vet but he needs one right away. Perhaps if you contact the Humane Society they might be able to help with the cost. It doesn't hurt to ask.
7 hours
The wet canned food my vet prescribed is $40 and I end up spending more than $80 a month (and that's just for one of my cats!) who was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. Is there a less expensive alternative to the pricey Hills K/D?
3 days
Throughout the attack, Kauffman said he was doing his "barbarian yell as best I could," and tried throwing the cat off him — which led to them both tumbling down a slope."From there it was just like a wrestling match — it was thrashing and it still had my wrist locked in its jaws," Kauffman said. He added that he pinned down the cat's back legs using his left knee.He tried to throw sticks at the lion, but they were rotten and breaking. He eventually picked up a large rock and tried to hit the cat in the head with it. Kauffman said he was able to transition his body weight, moving his right leg up toward his wrist, and eventually was able to step on the cat's neck — suffocating it
5 days
I think my cat has cat flu in just 2 days hes lost weight and his eyes and nose are runny hes also heaving and when he swollows its like his throat is sore.I dont have enough money for vets right now and his carrier is broken I dont know what to do he ate a little before but ive not see him drink today Ive tried him with milk and water but he hasnt touched them.Any advice please I dont know what to do.