13 hours
She thinks she can do whatever she wants.
2 days
They are still looking for a big rowboat to get there.
8 hours
For me, it might be … Obama (he seems funny, happy, smiling a lot and in a happy marriage, and JFK, for his popularity and mystique.
21 hours
They made the correct decision. No matter how sweet it looks on paper, who in their right mind would move a commercial enterprise to NYC? Forget about the taxes, (the tax breaks had a life span), just the crime, graft corruption and the like would stifle the hardiest of souls. Then there is the regulatory climate.
4 days
Heaven has a gate, a wall, and an extreme vetting process to get in. Hell has open borders. Let that sink in...
2 days
Not an Atheist.

I am glad that Kavanaugh got appointed.

Idiotic men who believe Kavanaugh was guilty without evidence should pause for a moment and realize that this kind of same kind of accusation without evidence can happen to you or your sons/grandsons.


6 Thumbs down ?I hope all the TDs are from women.
If men had given TD to my answer, LOL... I don't know what to say !
2 days
If it will get Trump re-elected, the conservatives would not care if Lucifer himself interfered.
3 days
tell them to live in Cuba or Venezuela where there isn't enough medicine for everybody
1 day
they want to sabotage and destroy America from within because in their twisted minds America is a capitalist imperialist country that destroyed their utopia the soviet unionthat's what its all about if you think about it.