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I know what you mean.On this site I'm always seeing questions about 'does this count as white' or 'how can she say she's white when her grandmother was black' or 'what race do I look like'and so on.
I'm in the UK, and hardly anyone here cares about labels like that - we're all just people!
2 days
These three books discuss your question:

"Walking among Us" by Dr. David Jacobs;
"Galaxy Gate" by Colton and Murro;
"A Dweller on Two Planets."
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That title actually belongs to Viktor Okrugssky, who touched down on the Mare Imbrium in 1946, but both the USSR didn't make much of a fuss about it, because they didn't want to admit that it was an eastern Russian, from Vladivostok, and not someone from Moscow, who managed this feat.And it's self explanatory that the US and UK wouldn't want to let the press find out; why admit that the communists beat them to the punch by more than 23 years?
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They need more photos for the 2020 elections. They've already used all of the ones they have from the 0bama Administration. Oh Wait!!!!

And Goebbels learned propaganda from Edward Bernays from the Wilson Administration. From the last Progressive Movement. Progressives are evil.

"Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government" - Edward Bernays
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my mom has told me a bunch of ghost stories along with a few of my friends but never had any experiences myself.I just wanna know man
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Because black and brown people know that THEY CAN NOT COMPETE w/ the WHITE MAN. So, they demonize him. You will notice that the achieving East Asians do not join in this sickness. Why? They CAN compete
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LOGIC says this must be two issues

[ THis is why I am irreplaceable on here ]

THE Existence of God
The Nature of God

I can know the existence of your mother (you had a mother) without knowing which of billions of biologically plausible claimants IS THAT MOTHER
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Because the creationists would claim that the conditions on Earth are so rare that a 'god' must have been involved.

A couple of years ago, such a creationist was claiming that this was so, giving a link to a website that listed all the conditions that made Earth super unlikely. Among those was the elimination of any barred spiral galaxies as being a suitable environment for a solar system able to have a planet capable of supporting life. Why? No reason was provided; barred galaxies were simply ruled out (myself, I assume it is because up to 2/3 of spiral galaxies have a bar, so it reduced the number faster to their satisfaction).
Problem is that, after years of astronomical observations, it was finally concluded that out galaxy, the Milkyway, *is* a barred spiral.

The point is that creationists start with their desired conclusion (that there is a 'god' and that he made the Earth truly unique) and make their silly version of the Drake equation in reverse to support their stupid desire.