20 hours
Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals are ok. but why Transsexuals ? It is a gender identity, not a sexual orientation!
2 days
Seriously! Being on Yahoo Answers has made me realize that racism is alive and well! Minorities are at least sincere when they dislike somebody and not hide behind a computer screen like worthless cowards!
1 day
Liberal media is trash.
1 day
it's natural, considering it's something many of us feel and has been observed in animals in nature, too.

there's nothing wrong with it, either. which probably isn't quite what you're asking, but the only times i see people claiming it's "unnatural" are those who are attempting to condemn it, so i figured i'd put that out there.
1 day
Whenever I do this, people look at my like I'm a freak, some people are even offended by it. Am I the only one who does this? Depending on what I'm drinking with pizza, either soda or juice, I like to dip my pizza in it. The juice goes better with pizza in my opinion. I don't like soda as much. I don't dip every single bite though.
14 hours
Would a successful CEO, surgeon, lawyer, engineer marry a custodian, cashier, house maid unemploymed or even an homeless lady as long as she’s pretty lol?
3 days
I’m starting off by saying NO I’m not gay. NO I’m not bi. And NO I’m not bi curious. I just noticed on tinder when I have it set to women I would get a match once every 2 weeks or so, but when I one day switched to men and random just swiped right on everybody I would literally matched with all of them. Even in real life I can’t seem to a girlfriend but I would always catch gay guys eyeing in my direction
2 days
That would destroy the concepts of evolution and natural selection.All organisms would still be Luca if not for allelic change caused by mortality differences among individuals."All men are created equal" is objectively false as some simply had a better position in the genetic lottery than others.
17 hours
for the betterment of humanity as a whole. No other creatures think like that. They think in tribal and group terms and individuals. Ants or bees or meerkats or wolves battle against each other for dominion over territory. Why does man as an atheist species feel he can achieve something other than what nature portrays as natural?
1 day
I was digging in the backyard..... But then i dug to deep and fell in. Next thing i know im in china. Im in china write now. How do i get back.
4 days
They're just mad that no one wants a black American.
9 hours
Same with gay guys who get mad at eachother you will hear them say f*ggot to one another and its fine as long as no straight person says it. F you i say what I want!