3 days
You might not be that bad, you just don't appreciate your dad enough to respect his life . That's money for you I s'pose .
24 hours
I can imagine a world without religion... but what about a world without atheists?
7 hours
No exceptions? Not even for being a good person, family ties to their religion, mental issues, etc.?So,will a mean waste of a life person go to Heaven if he finds Jesus at the last minute?
11 hours
Roman scourging and crucifixion was a death by torture that was purposely designed to take days to kill the victim, so as to deter others from breaking the law.Jesus was, supposedly, on the cross for only a few hours before he died (sometime after sunrise until noon).And, dead bodies were not brought down from the cross, they were left there to rot; also meant to deter others from breaking the law.

So, even if Jesus was a real person as depicted in the Bible, I have my doubts that he died on the cross as described in the Bible.
1 day
They do, dear. But they are too stupid to realize it.
2 days
I'm not sure, but it seems to involve a lot of babies getting cancer.
4 hours
I don't thinkI know
1 day
I never seen so many Atheists and God haters like I do today. Wow. The Loser also known as the Devil is actually winning
6 hours
I was about to get hit by a car but an atheist I have said things about put himself in front of the car. The car swerved and ran over his foot. He said he was prepared to die. I’m starting to think atheists are better than I thought.