9 hours
It's a very irrational decision because it's debilitating to have a baby groining in your body and to give birth no matter if it's in the natural way or by C-section, it's painful and causes harm to the body, and also after the child is born you don't have your liberty anymore and you will live for your baby. If I was a woman I wouldn't even have sex to avoid any risk of getting pregnant, abortion can solve a pregnancy, but I don't like the idea of killing a fetus and also abortion causes damage to the body of the woman who have it.My mom have had 5 children and I don't understand how can someone voluntary live this experience 5 times.
21 hours
He kicked out my 32 year old sister out of the house because she is a liberal.
2 days
probably and she can also get in trouble for hitting you too
3 days
Only if you haven’t learned the lesson. Life is about lessons. When we don’t get it the first time we remain in the pattern until we break it.
2 hours
Agree to disagree. You aren't going to change his mind and he isn't going to change yours. Avoid the topic as much as possible. You are beating your head against the wall to try to change him.
2 days
Let it be a lesson that makes you all the more fit to face the future.
3 days
Just start making oink noises around her.
2 days
There's a man that lives down my street that makes me very uncomfortable, but loves to talk. He's taken to coming to my house lately to talk (he's a little mentally unstable and has no friends). Recently, he asked if he could come in and I had a good excuse to say no. I don't want him in my house. What are some excuses for him not to come in?
1 day
Ive always been honest with them, have never broken their trust, don't do drugs or anything. I don't hide anything from them, am a virgin and am an 18 year old girl. BUT my parents don't trust me at all!! They always think I'm lying to them and were even considering putting a tracker on my phone. Its really frustrating, what should i do?!??? Ive tried talking to them about it but it just makes things worse
2 days
Okay so I think my 9 year old daughter is kinda crazy. Now, she walks around without a shirt all the time and even sometimes totally naked. Which we allow. The thing that's kind crazy is she has no problem letting us see her entire chest, which is beginning to bud, but will never let her bellybutton be seen. Don't you think it would be the other way around? lol maybe it's just me but I think its kinda awkward.
7 days
The girl was 17, the boy 22. Theyfell for each other so bad but the guy never forced her to make out nor make love cause he thought she was too young, and not mature yet. He was afraid she wouldnot focus on her studies (the most important thing to her) or get pregnant at a young age or having to take contraceptive pills that would endager her health. He thought all those things ans decided to take a step back though he loved her so much. He had to work abroad for a while. A few years later they met again and their feeling were exactly the same if not stronger. The girl now has ended college, is a beautiful young woman and the guy isproud of her. Now it doesn't feel that wrong to be a real couple, and if a baby comes, he would be the happiest person in the world. What would you think of hisdeisions? Is it right what he did?
1 week
Oh Lord, you just gave me flash backs about a former co-worker who talked about her son, constantly.
She would go on and on and on.Well, when one first has a baby, of course it is a miracle of life and amazingly awesome.I know, I have had two children myself.But, this woman would not stop talking about her child.One day, a customer who was subjected to the incessant chitter chatter of this employee's child, asked how old her baby was.........he was 12 years old!!!Too funny.

Anyway, all of us were fed up to here with her non stop stories about her son. We all decided to say "Oh, my (son, cousin's child, nephew, grandson, little brother...) did that all the time!!ALL of us employees gave her the same response.Soon enough, in her own mind, she realized her child was not all that special and she stopped talking about him.Ahhhh, peace at last.

So, if your other co workers join you in a little reverse psychology, you may be able to get this co worker to stop talking about her cat as if it had the sun shining out of it's behind. Gawd, that is sooo annoying.
1 day
Person someone is by just meeting them right away is, I usually end up being right, is this some spitiual gift? Or is this normal
11 hours
Me and my long distance boyfriend of almost 3 years would like to share a bed when he comes to see me for my 18th birthday it's common for us to fall asleep together because he stays in my room (the door is always open) but my mom wakes me up around 1am to move to a different room. when she gets mad at me (for different stuff she never got mad about me sleeping there)she tells me when I'm 18 I can do whatever I want. my boyfriend is really nice to them he helps them do lots of work and fixes stuff for them he always trys to be very respectfull to them. they don't want me to have sex before I'm married but in the day they leave us alone for hours on end with just my little sister who never leaves her space we aren't asking to sleep with the door closed or something like that and I can't stay at a hotel
6 days
Bare in mind I work 4 30 PM until 12 30 AM sometimes 2 AM, every day to pay our bills, every bit of money coming in comes from me, I buy her clothes, I buy her kids clothes, I buy everything all the kitchen appliences tvs everything, yet shes saying she feels like walking out on me because I don't help out in the house, what should I do? im thinking of moving out and just getting a new house and a new start, what should I do?
3 days
I have always been really insecure about my handwriting, as much as I try and make it neat it’s just downright awful. I’m a female by the way. My boyfriend whom I’m pretty much taking care of right now cause he’s looking for a job, told me that my handwriting is ugly when he saw me filling out paperwork. He was jokingly saying it, but obviously there’s truth to what he said even if he says he’s “joking”. He then later tried telling me my handwriting is nice and that he was joking then he got mad cause I was mad. People have actually complimented my handwriting saying it looks cool and unique, but I beg to differ. He then tried to accuse me of overreacting, but I feel like if I’m helping you in pretty much every aspect of your life, you have no right to criticize anything that pertains to me. So should I be mad at him?
1 week
I'd do one of the following:
1) Break things off and block all communication.
2) Accept that he is a DATE, not my boyfriend, and continue seeing him on that basis, enjoying my freedom to date other men as well.

I don't know enough about your particular situation to know whether this applies, so I'm speaking very generally here. Often ladies take a position of "No sex without a commitment" or "No sex without love." And no matter how the lady may word this, what many gentlemen hear is "If I tell her I'll be her boyfriend, tell her I love her, I get laid. Whoopie! Sure, she'll eventually find out that I'm not really her boyfriend, don't really love her, but I'll worry about that when it happens."

Ladies, don't ASK for falsehoods. Judge "what is going on between us" by actions, not by words. A guy will agree to all kinds of stuff, not really meaning it, when he's intent on getting what he wants.
24 hours
I own a house with my brother. His gf lives with us, and her sister stayed the night. Shes incredibly loud. They were playing a mario game last night, and all she did was scream. My bros gf is already loud, but when her sister is over than they play music, and sing terribly. My brother knows I'm annoyed, and said it's up to me weather she spends the night again. I legit have a headache, and I want her out. I know if I decide for her to go home than my bros gf will be pretty mad.