2 days
I'm a former College Soccer Player and my wife was a College Tennis Player. We have 3 young kids. She asked me today to please stop smoking Cigarettes and Marijuana. I tried to explain to her that I love being high while we have sex. I never smoke in the house. What should I do about this?
17 hours
I’m tired of begging and I want to start not caring about weather or not she comes back...what should I do?
8 hours
I'd get bored of being with one person all the time. What about you?
1 day
dont fool urself..self-arousal ,,alluring, flirtatious,the sneaking around and adrenaline rush received from being conniving. Sexting most always involves lies, or lying by omission. If your partner doesn’t know about your sexual messages with someone of the opposite sex, and you plan on keeping it that way – then the behavior is morally wrong, whether you ever touched the other person or not!The emotional element of sexting, is often affair enough – and can actually be worse and harder to bear than a one-night stand, where no relationship bonds were connected. Even if the bonds between two people sexting are build upon false egos, the truth is that the act in and of itself, signifies betrayal.
1 day
We had a baby two years ago and getting on birth control has been difficult for me because of the hormones. We do use condoms but a particular brand and not the one he had which is Trojan. The condom seem new so I confronted him. He said he found it on the floor in a bag on the entrance of the building so he took it because it seemed new. Now, he does not see well without reading glasses and asked me to confirm the due date. Why would he pick it up if he could not tell if it was new?
3 hours
I'm a married woman and I married in my early twenties. I'm 35 now and lately I noticed I've been getting attracted to other men and gaining men crushes. A guy gave me his phone number the other day and I accepted it.In the past, I used to tell everyone I was married. I think I'm changing because I'm becoming less and less attracted to my husband. Its so bad when he tries to touch me a certain way, I get goosebumps not the good ones.Anyway, I'm training an apprentice for our company's firm and I'm very attracted to him. He's 30 and very handsome. He wants to meet for drinks later this week and my best friend is encouraging it. I think its because she doesn't find my husband attractive either.What do I do about this? The guy in question, knows i'm married but he's been flirting with me a lot and I cant help but be into it :(
3 days
I always hear liberals claiming that premarital sex is alright because that way you can find out whether you're sexually compatible with such person...There are also liberals who claim that premarital sex is like testing a car!Well, according to such "logic" why would it be wrong if a man or woman who are dating someone ... decide to have sex with another person ? why can't they find out whether they are sexually compatible with this other person that they just met?So, suppose a husband or wife decide to have sex with another person, why would it be wrong? if you already own a car, are you forbidden from "testingother cars"? is your old, used car going to get mad if you decide to test other cars?So, liberals, please tell me... if premarital sex is cool then why some of you have a problem with cheating?
9 hours
Before some judge me with a unproductive response I would like to try and explain to my best ability I have been married for 12 years and in a relationship with my wife for nearly 20 years with four beautiful kids we met when we were very Young I have never cheated on my wife until this past weekend which I did for the first time with a co-worker not to justify but we are extremely good friends she is very sweet to me and some even call her my office wife in a joking manner she is also in a relationship as good friends this past weekend that all changed I'm not looking to continue the mistake nor is she but my problem is the sense of guilt a bond I had with my wife since the first day I met her I can't feel it anymore my worst fear is when I walk past her she can look at me and just know exactly what I've done everytime I go to sleep my mind races like I could go back and change it all and it would be my wife that I was only with again how do I fix this I love her so much I feel like it's tearing me apart even as I write this I'm crying I mean do I tell her or do I protect her and not say anything and deal with the guilt
3 days
I sense a tad bit of jealousy that your partner/spouse/bf doesn't buy you anything so trying to offer up to your friend bad advice that could potentially cause problems in their marriage, what a b*t*h.
1 day
I think cheating man is stupid man who only care about body and sex. And a girl who fall for taken man she’s very dumb for believing his lies I think 18 till 25 fall for married men that’s very sad 😞
2 days
Surveys show that close to 70 percent of both sexes would cheat if the opportunity arose and they felt they would never get caught. If a spouse can state they never would, no matter what, is their alleged commitment really saying something about their own morals, or is it really a profound reflection of their spouse._______________________________And please, for you non-committal tools out there who always answer things half/half and some/some, stay out of this one.Go find some other question to answer.
6 days
I introduced my husband to my new coworker. They have a lot of things in common. Video games, sports, gym etc. At one point he wanted to hang with her alone without me because I was working at the time.Now I'm an insecure woman and would never suspect my husband to cheat. So of course I allowed it. Then I noticed after a few weeks of hanging out, she changed her availability to match my husbands.I just assumed they were great friends and thought nothing of it. Then it got weirder when he started staying at her place from being too drunk to drive from her place.I took it upon myself to take him home and I saw them together intimately...Is it my fault he cheated? He said it was because I "knew" how attractive she was. I don't get it :( What should I do?
5 days
Your boyfriend and now husband was honest. What YOU did was deceitful! You are very entitled with your "it's ok for me to lie to you as long as I get MY way"'attitude. If you are going to lie over something like that, what else are you going to lie about? And what else have you lied about?To paraphrase another answer you received, you lied to him to bring a child into this world that he didn't want but now has to deal with for the next 18 years. It is amazing how more and more people like you want /expect/ demand their bad behavior to be justified by other people. No accountability. He should divorce you yesterday.
2 days
Sure why not being estranged even from family or kids at times can be the only way to remove negative people from your life.She sounds like a drama queen and a spoiled brat that needs a rude awakening and to grow up.

I think you and your fiance have bent over backwards for your daughter and she has done nothing but threaten and freak out on you.This is not a child it's a irresponsible adult who just expects everything be given to her and not work for it.

I think you need to sit her down explain to her that her behavior and how she has treated you and your fiance it has come to the conclusion you must cut her out of your life. tell her if she can maybe get some help and start treating you both with more respect maybe you will communicate with her again but right now it is goodbye.

It's too stressful to have this in your life time to cut the cord.
P.S. you may need a restraining order she sounds kind of psycho.Kid's can go sour!!