1 week
Im a 24 year old guy,i used to have a big crush on this girl Nicole.We began going out and everything was going great between us. But in the end she ended things between us. She told me she had no chemestry with me, 3 days after we broke up it was her birthday Soo i bought her flowers, she told my bestfriend that im a creep.This girl alsohas a 4 year old son, she told me that my life isn't stabbled to be a role model for her kid. She was in college to be a nurse, I found out today that she is dating a new guy,and she even dropped out of college to be with this guy.This guy has no job, NOTHING.It makes me angry how she tells me my life isn't stabbled but atleast i have 2 jobs.This situation makes me sooooo angry,can i please have some advice??????
1 day
Like within 3 minutes? He’s not a virgin so that’s not it. This was the first time we had sex.
4 days
I had known her for about a year, we were at the same school, had nearly every class together but just didn't really know each other that well. She walked up to me at the end of class one day and started a random conversation, we spent the rest of the day together and we were best friends a few days later
20 hours
Every few months my friend will text me, saying that her parents need me to lend them some money for gas. The money is paid back, but I'm starting to get frustrated because instead of these 40+ year olds figuring out how to balance their finances, they're relying on their daughter's 19 year old friend.Like...seriously I'm not a bloody ATM. Maybe instead of blowing their money on weed, cigarettes, and alcohol, they should figure out how to prioritise things.I know that I should just say no, but then my friend will probably guilt trip me because they won't have any heating or a way to make food (despite their oven being electric. Not gas.....). How do I say no in a way that doesn't make me sound uncaring while still getting my point across? I'm sick of being a doormat.I don't mind helping people out but these people aren't learning how to budget because they think that I'll always give them money...
20 hours
that they don't need to be. They have a lot of interesting things that could talk to you about, but they choose not to -or- don't know how to.
9 hours
I recently had to cut some friends out of my life.These friends were friends I grew up with.I cut one out because he can be a really selfish drunk. He get's DUI's and doesn't go to jail for them.He don't care if he has a warrent out.He got his 3rd 2 years ago and doesn't care if he has warrent out.Another friend I cut because he stabbed someone over his girl.Then other friends was because I lost trust in them.I've had friends that I know messed around with there friends girl.I even cut out some family for good.Sure I have a couple friends and i'm easy to make friends with.I just need the right ones.
20 hours
Truth? I wouldn't even try. I would go out and make new friends, the type of friends who wanted me with them at parties!
3 days
As I posted the last time, I dug up information. My neighbor and his extremely beautiful wife moved 2,500 miles away to San Francisco the other day because my neighbor got a job at Google. I am in love with his wife. I plan to visit them unannounced in a few months, they didn't give me their address. I really want his wife. Is this a good plan? I will take a bus to San Francisco in the summer and show up unannounced near their address and I'll wait until the former neighbor is not home and it's just the wife.I'll ring the doorbell and tell her how I feel about her, afterwards I'll come back to the residence and leave a long letter detailing how I feel about her. If they're not home and I don't see the wife, I'll leave a 10 page letter detailing how I feel about her and then leave. Is this a good idea?
6 days
You are making the best of the opportunities you've been given. Sooner or later this will catch up with her.I can't promise it will for certain.Life isn't always fair.You do you.That's all you really have any control over.Best of luck!
7 days
I suffer from anxiety so my doctor prescribed me antidepressant which is working tremendously. My friend is totally biased because her husband's mother was addicted to antidepressants. People who do not suffer from anxiety will never understand how difficult it is to suffer from it. My friend always keeps telling me not to take it. But if it is working for me why would I stop? Plus I'm only taking 25 ml and it is not addictived as my doctor stated. Last week my friend asked me the name of the medication then called me telling me to stop taking the medication because she did her reserach. I stopped her even before she started because I know she thinks she is doing what is best for me but at the same time she is being totally biased. Of course she is going to find all the side effects online. I told her that anxiety is a disease that sometimes needs to be treated and I am only taking 25 ml. I know I probably said that in an upsetting way but it is because I'm getting frustrated. She is not a doctor. She replies: Ok if you won't let me finish, I'll call you back later" it has been a week and she hasn't even text or anything. We talked everyday and she got mad at me for that? We always say that every time one of us do or say something we are not happy about, we should say it. But look at her now. Not talking to me. 2 weeks ago she even asked me if I wanted her to be my therapist like if she was a doctor. Should I move on and wait for her to reach out?
22 hours
A lot of women decide it’s easier to handle the “can I have your number?” situation by just being polite, giving you her number, and then ignoring your calls and texts.she gets bored and loses interest in calling or texting. When she ignores your calls and texts, she figures you’ll eventually get the hint and leave her alone.Her chances of losing interest are very high if you don’t bring enough excitement to the table. You now have to compete with the games in her phone, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

That’s why, again, I don’t waste time texting, calling, and making small talk. I only call or text if I’m inviting her out and I’m going to see her face to face.
2 days
It means "he can't hold back".
6 hours
We've never been buddy-buddy (primarily because there's about a 10-year age gap between us), but since she's somebody who runs an in-home baking business in our small town and not just some complete stranger at Walmart or something, I feel a little weird about not inviting her to the shower. She is being graciously compensated by the hostesses, of course, but would it be tacky not to invite her?
1 day
How would you know if a guy pretended to ***? I was having sex with this guy. I know he was inside me but it seems like he came too quickly. He yelled out your amazing and said he was about to ***. I don’t know if he actually came or not.
7 days
Stop trying to live in that gray area of uncertainty/what might have been. You want romantic without being romantic. That is like saying a person who is seven feet tall is six feet thirteen inches tall. ASK her out. Take her out to dinner and then to some outside activity-like a bike ride -if it is warm where you live. If it isn't warm, maybe dinner and ice skating or a museum or movie. Whatever you decide, you need to ASK her or you might regret not doing so and don't live with that regret. Trust me it stinks! Good luck!
3 days
I just found out on Instagram that my high school bully has cancer, people are posting stuff about it. I immediately smiled when I found out, it brought me a lot of joy. He bullied me all throughout high school which was 2 years ago, we are now both 20 and he has leukemia I guess. I hope he dies, he did a lot of things to me like spread rumors, he made the entire school hate me. I almost committed suicide. Is it wrong that I am happy about this?
2 days
This sounds like a red flag to me. If he doesn't like your friends he doesn't have to hang out with them, but the fact that he doesn't like not even one person in your life (friend or relative) seems quite weird to me.
This sounds like any abusive partner, first they isolate their victim, making them lose contact with friends or family, and apparently he's succeeding because you "choose him" every time.
If he doesn't like your friends, that's ok but he doesn't need to guilt trip you for having friends or other people in your life. A supportive partner would say "yeah i don't like your friends but i hope you have fun" that's it.
He criticising your friends for being fake (btw, this is quite stupid, good friends talk about their problems) is also another red flag. He doesn't seem to respect you as an adult capable to make decisions about whom she hangs out with.
Personally I would dump this guy. Too much drama, too many red flags. This has been going on for 5 years, this won't change and it won't get better.
Out there there are thousands of men that aren't insecure and don't want to isolate you from your loved ones.
Up to you.
22 hours
hi, I am 18, a guy. this is kind of a funny story. I could care less for partying. I have a wide verity of friends who I always hangout with. ok so here's what happened: it was freshmen year in English and I was doing work. I yawned and sometimes when I yawn water drops from my eye. I didn't notice what happened since I like to get my work done. this girl said "he's crying" and I didn't know she was talking to me. in Biology Sophomore year, we were watching a movie. I had something stuck in my eye and kept on trying to get it out. this group took out their phones and posted it all over social media saying I was "crying". should I confront these people and ask them why they did this and ruined my reputation? my friends don't care but I can't go down the halls without people giving me crap.(a majority of them being girls)