19 hours
My boyfriend has tried putting it in me MANY times. The tip would go in but trying to put the rest in hurts. (I’m a virgin and I’m very tight). Everytime, I tell him to stop cause it hurts. I wanna do it with him, but the pain ain’t no joke. What should I do? Should I just take it or what.
3 days
I don't want my mom to just unlock my door. I lock the doors to the bathroom and my bedroom because I don't want people to just walk in. But my Mom always unlocks the door without even knocking first. I told her to please stop but she told me that I can have privacy when I'm 18. It makes me really uncomfortable that she does this. Is this rude or am I just overreacting?
23 hours
She's getting all uptight about it. Like you quit smoking of I'm leaving you. She watched some documentary about smoking and suddenly she's a doctor. I don't want her to leave, but I also don't want her telling me what to do like I'm a 5 years old. Do you think I should quit? And then maybe wait for her next orders.
3 days
Your problem might be your choice in guys... I mean come on, your COUSIN!?! Totally off-limits. It's not weird to be a 21 year old female virgin. I was. I really wish I had waited to lose my virginity, to be honest. The guy I lost it to was a scumbag. He was a cheater, a liar, a drug addict. He suckered me into giving him my virginity and then he used "taking my virginity" against me by getting whatever he wanted from me because he knew how strongly I felt for him. I'm engaged and 28 now and I wish I had waited for my future husband before losing my virginity, even if it meant waiting 6-8 more years. Don't feel ashamed. It'll happen for you when it's meant to, but I don't recommend losing your virginity to any guy who you don't love and who doesn't love you. Be picky about who you give it to. They need to be a long-term boyfriend of yours.
6 hours
I'm so sorry that he has treated you like this. You are not stupid. I understand not wanting to tell anyone about what happened. That said, remember you are valuable and it is OKAY to put your own needs first. If you feel like it might help you to talk to a counselor or other trusted adult about this, then please do so. You can learn and grow from this. You can use the hurt and regret you are feeling as an impetus to stand up for yourself in the future if someone starts to treat you the same way. You will heal from this. You are not stupid. You have value. You deserve to be treated with respect. PLEASE do not have any contact with him in the future. What he did was wrong. So wrong it is illegal in most states. The difference in your ages created an imbalance of power. He used that to get what he wanted. That is called statutory rape.
10 hours
i'm a 17yo girl and i live in a very strict religious household. This mind sound silly, but i'm not exactly allowed to wear my hair down. The last time i ever wore my hair down in front of my parents was in middle school, and my dad made a huge deal about it. They always tell me that i'm going to study not to party, and that my hair should be simple and TIED UP. Anyways, i have been wearing my hair down secretly for about a couple years now, i always wear it down and tie it right before i go back home. I like the feeling of having it down. It makes me feel feminine and powerful. But today as i was on my way back home, my hair was down as usual and some boy was catcalling me . Surprisingly my mom and sister were on the same street and they saw everything.My mom said she's disappointed, that i fooled her and she doesn't trust me anymore and that i'm hoeing around and sh*t... God it was so embarassing... What should i do about the situation?
5 days
Very interesting question. The reason is very simple women like alpha males and hate beta males. All they care is how alpha the man is, looks, money, race, color and personal hygiene none of this matter. Alpha means aggression. Most alpha males are @ssholes but women love them anyway there is nothing we can do about it. As you already know women are not that intelligent like men. They fall in for what they see outside and never think about what's inside. Very dumb isn't it? I won't blame women for choosing alpha males because I can understand their logic. Women are very weak both physically and mentally. In other words women are like fully grown kids. They want to be protected and led by a man. Without a man's supervision they are vulnerable to all sorts dangers out there. Their immaturity and lack of strength create this constant anxiety that they might end up in some trouble if they are not standing next to a man. They crave the warmth from the muscles of a strong man. Women simply cannot survive without men.

Although it all sound quite natural and okay it does come with some disadvantages. Not all men are alpha males. Only 20% of the male population are alpha males and 80% are Beta males. So what happens 100% women only want 20% alpha males? Yes, that's right. All beta males end up sad lonely virgins. So you may ask 80% of men are virgins? Of course not many men do fall in the mid category between alpha and beta which is called gamma males. They are not so aggressive but not that soft either. So any woman who is tired of chasing alpha males but unable to get one will finally settle down for a gamma. But real beta males are true victims here like myself. I am 30 years old and a virgin why? Is it my fault? Just because I am a born beta male am I doomed? Yes I am. My life sucks. Beta males are discriminated and disrespected everywhere. Everybody is busy catering the needs of alpha males and women but deliberately ignore beta males. I can only feel sorry for myself but cannot expect society to feel sorry for me. F**king society is full of alpha selfish basta*ds and evil women. No one cares about me.

I am not going to give it up that easy. I will try until justice is served for all beta males. Wait for my currently under construction website called "A voice for beta males". Once its fully operational I will expose all dirty secrets both alpha males and women ever tried to hide from the real world. Until then FO.
9 hours
It's a very irrational decision because it's debilitating to have a baby groining in your body and to give birth no matter if it's in the natural way or by C-section, it's painful and causes harm to the body, and also after the child is born you don't have your liberty anymore and you will live for your baby. If I was a woman I wouldn't even have sex to avoid any risk of getting pregnant, abortion can solve a pregnancy, but I don't like the idea of killing a fetus and also abortion causes damage to the body of the woman who have it.My mom have had 5 children and I don't understand how can someone voluntary live this experience 5 times.
2 days
My mom wants to go with my sis, her husband, & my neice (17) to Hawaii & take my oldest son (13) with her. They will stay with my cousin whose son is 16 & my mom s sister & bro-in-law will be there. I have 3 other children a boy 9, girl 7, & girl 4. I told her it would be unfair for me to let him go & the other s can t & I think they would be upset. There has been other vacays with the same set of people that only my oldest was invited to go so I didn t let him because I believe in showing my kids that they are treated equal & not cause any jealousy or division among them.She insists he is a big enough age difference from my younger children that makes it okay but I feel they are at the very age where it matters to them. I told her if she thinks it s okay than ask my other kids herself & see what they have to say. She has pics of my niece & my oldest on the refrigerator & in the guest room from when they where little & my 9 yr old asked me why are there only pics of my neice & my oldest on the refrigerator.I also feel like I don t want to keep hindering him because he has younger siblings. My mom also already told him which I don t like & she does often b4 talking to me or even after I tell her no. My neice & cousin are the same age difference to my oldest that my oldest is to my 2nd son so I don t agree with how for my mom the age difference applies to my two oldest sons but not to my oldest & my neice or cousin.Should I let him go even though my other children can't?
3 days
Basically, my brother can go out with his friends all the time, but I can’t, AT ALL. I asked what was the reason and my parents said it’s because I’m a girl, what’s that suppose to mean? It’s not like I’m going to go out and meeting up with some guy. All I’m asking is just to have some quality time with my friends. I’ve done everything. Do chores, get good grades in school, work hard, got a job, I’m starting to do after school activities (softball), and the answer is still no. I’m a good kid. I’m really am. I’ve never gotten in trouble at school. But I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that one of my sisters previously had gotten pregnant at 14, and she’s 32 right now. And this one time, my brother was speaking to his girlfriend on FaceTime and my mother supported it, but didn’t want to tell my dad because he’d freak out, but every time when one of my older sister makes a joke about me having a boyfriend (I don’t) my mom wants to turn serious. I’m smart enough to know not to go around and have sex with some boy and get pregnant. I trust them, but they clearly don’t have a trust in me. And now, I’m starting to lose my trust in them. I feel I can’t even talk to my parents about anything, especially when it has to do with going to my one my closest friends birthday party. (They still said no). Whenever I see someone going shopping at the mall with their friends, I feel upset because I can’t do the same. My parents are strict, wayy too strict, and it’s hurting me mentally.
1 day
Basically, I ended it with a girl because I felt she wasn't into it anymore. She would rather sit in her room watching netflix then do anything. This happened for 2-3 months.I got fed up and dump her. To her this was a shock. She couldn't understand my decision.I didn't hear from her for two weeks. Then yesterday she messaged me asking me why I ended it without talking to her first. And that she's felt hurtI have started dating again, however a little part of me feels guilty .... either guilty I ended it too soon, or guilty she feels hurt.Advice??
2 days
I'm a former College Soccer Player and my wife was a College Tennis Player. We have 3 young kids. She asked me today to please stop smoking Cigarettes and Marijuana. I tried to explain to her that I love being high while we have sex. I never smoke in the house. What should I do about this?
2 days
nnaybe you shouldnt live at honne if you dont want her bothering you, i would just be thankful you still have your nnother around, wish i did
10 hours
no they are just worried you mightdo somethingthey don't approve of