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The only non-toxic non-violent way would be to trap them in a trap that does not kill them and then release them elsewhere. That would be almost impossible. My advice is to buy some rat traps, bait them, put them in your attic, and kill the pests.
3 days
Any time my friend comes out of his house to go somewhere, his neighbour nearly always sees everything he's doing. She asked him what he had for his dinner and who done the cooking. Quite a few of her neighbours keep her at a distance as they feel she is extremely nosey. One neighbour even nicknamed her "The Neighbour Hood Watch" because she is known to see everything going on regardless what time of day or night it is. If you had a neighbour like this how would be the best way to deal with her?
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4 days
Home depot only offers credit for score 640 and over and I really need work done to my house. I have no idea what else to do. I don't want to work with no side person because you need money up front for materials and they rip you off.
3 days
So after I took a shower, I found a roach on my tub with grapes. I quickly put 2 wraps of cling wrap on the tub and sprayed pesticides on the wrap. I want to know how long it will take for the roach to die and will the roach escape the tightly sealed wrap and pesticides?
1 week
Hi. I just saw some ants in my dorm room. I saw one at my desk. And the others I saw by the furnace. I don't know what to do. We don't leave open food out. Most food is sealed or in the fridge. We clean up and all. But they are still here. I haven't told my roommate. But will when she wakes up. Cause it happened yesterday and today. I can't go back to sleep and they are bothering me. I have OCD and ants just bug me out. Help please.
6 days
I have just bought my own home but I have neighbours above me who are council tenants UK. When I bought the home I didn't think noise from above would be a issue as I have lived with neighbours above me my whole 32 years. Anyway the neighbours above have laminate flooring throughout there home and they also have two large dogs living there as well. The sound from the laminate alone is unbearable can constantly hear footsteps banging things been dropped things been scraped along the floor and just generally really loud. But the dogs are something else it literally sounds like horses galloping above my head and a big stampede when they get going playing ect balls toys ect throwing around bouncing around. My mental health isn't the best at the moment and I feel like I'm having a mental breakdown and I am in no position to move yet as I have a fixed mortgage for three years. I know the council has certain rules on having laminate flooring in these houses and also having pets would the council be able to enforce there rules on my inconsiderate neighbours ?? they also leave dogs barking howling for hours on end and there is no escape from noise I can hear it in every room over my TV. Help what should I do I feel really sad suicidal and angry everyday I cant live like this anymore I just need quiet I have bad anxiety and noises can trigger me off.
1 week
I'm a student living in a dorm. One if my neighbors claims she saw a cockroach in the shared kitchen. Is it possible that now there are cockroaches all over the dormitory? I have been paranoid ever since. Can't even sleep peacefully
1 week
call out the Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard to get that sucker, or buy a can of roach spray and do it your self.
1 week
The first thing you will want to do is to clear away any and all vegetation that might be up close and personal with your house, especially ivy. That stuff is a haven for spiders. Cut back shrubs, plants, and decorative grasses. Get rid of rock piles, and move any wood piles as far away from your house as possible. Don’t use any outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting attracts bugs galore. Black widows eat bugs. Do the math. If you must use outdoor lights, go with yellow or sodium lights to minimize the insects lured in.Do whatever you can to keep black widows from getting into your home in the first place. Walk around the outside of your house with a caulking gun and a tube of sealant. Fill any little holes that you might see around wires, cables, faucets, outlets, etc. Fill cracks in the foundation. Look at your window screens and patch any holes (you can get Screen Repair patches at Amazon). Apply weather stripping to all windows and doors. If you don’t have them already, install door sweeps. These spiders are pretty small and can get through openings that you might think aren’t worth messing with.Locate as many spider webs as you can during the day.
Try using dust applications and liquid spot treatments.(poison)
Return to the webs at night to kill the spiders.
Eliminate the egg sacs.
Know what to do if you are bitten.
2 weeks
There could be several factors. For starters, the average temp last month (Jan 2019) for Buffalo NY was 2 degrees colder than normal.Two nights, (1/21 & 1/22)it fell below zero.

At the beginning of the season, National Fuel announced that it's customers could expect to pay a little more this winter and have some tips on how to keep costs down.

Little things add up.The higher cost of gas and the colder temps may or may not explain your higher bill. Your boiler may need a tune-up.You may have had the thermostat set just a couple of degrees higher.It wouldn't hurt to call National Fuel and inquire about the higher bill.There may be another explanation like an extended billing period.You won't know until you ask.