2 days
I am seeing a lot of flowers in the trash can last valentines day. I am feeling a bit of sympathy to those flower growers for this special occasion.I am now wondering, why are the couples waste such a beautiful product made/arrange by people who cast a good luck love to them going to trash bin?I want to understand why...
1 day
Rose, Lily or Tulip?
19 hours
I have 5 golden duranta plants and two of them only get an 1.5 hours of sun in the morning and 1.5 hours sun in the afternoon because of my neighbors big tree that blocks almost all sun to my yard. The tag on the plants says they need full sun to partial shade, will they survive?
1 day
Unfortunately it is too frigid for plant life to thrive there.If it were to warm up, then it would definitely be possible.

Underneath the kilometers of ice, is a vast ancient jungle, so we know things grew there thousands of years ago.
6 days
Totallyagree!Ilovetreesthey aresoamazinglywonderfull!
7 days
If you stop talking to it it will die. I talk to all of my plants they look forward to it.
4 days
It has been getting a lot of rain in the last couple months and are backyard is flooding. The retaining wall for the hill side is leaking. I am not sure if it is normal and design of retaining wall to allow water inflow to the backyard.
5 days
I wanted to leave a girl some flowers outside her door so she see them before she goes to work. I was told they would die due to freezing temperatures. Anyway I can prevent them from dieing while still leaving them outside?
5 days
The plants which is relatives do not compete through the growing of their roots. This is a simple behavior. But when the plants are in different containers they can't produce this behavior.
2 weeks
My dad never cared for lawns, he is still to this day a fan of fruit trees.Texas is very hot, having a lawn takes a lot of maintenance. It's not really natural, it takes a lot watering, fertilizer, and products to grow a lawn in South Texas.I always had a big back yard, but no lawn. I had a lot of orange trees, lemon trees, pecan trees, pomegranate trees, and fig trees. Those trees in Texas give a lot of fruit in Texas, and are very low-maintenance.I always loved picking up fruit from trees. To this day, picking fruit is a family activity. I sometimes go to my parents' home to get up on the trees, and pick up pecans, oranges, and figs with my nephews.Lawns take a lot work, and you can't eat grass, so it seems like a lot of work for nothing to me.Why is having a lawn so important for some people?
2 weeks
You can but you’ll need to compost it first to kill off harmful bacteria like E. coli. So start by saving your feces until you have a huge amount. Let’s hope your neighbors doesn’t complain about the smell. Then you need to turn it every few days or so to let the sun’s uv kill the bacteria and the natural decaying to produce heat to kill the remaining bacteria. Think of it as a form of pasteurization. After several months, you can use it.