2 days
Depends on what you drop & how clean you keep your kitchen floor.
2 days
I'm out of soap and this is all I have to wash my hands with
15 hours
My flat has a kind of... musty smell? It doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere in particular but no matter how much I clean and spray air freshener (which just makes me sneeze) I can't seem to get rid of it. It's very noticeable when you walk in from outside, to the point that I can't have people over because of the smell.If I lived in an upstairs flat, I would open the windows and let some fresh air in, which has worked in my past flats, I've never had this problem before. But I live in a ground floor studio flat which has one window at the front, which opens directly on the street outside. It opens outwards, too, which means it would get in the way of people walking as well as letting them see straight into my flat which I'm uncomfortable with anyway. And there's no other ventilation in the flat.Is there any alternative way to get rid of the smell?
20 hours
It should not vibrate if it is properly balanced.It should have been balanced when it was installed.Perhaps, the installer was lazy and a lousy installer.Try and fix it yourself.Noise levels vary per machine.Some of the newer ones are virtually noise-free.Even if yours is old, it shouldn't be too noisy.If you have access to the manual or the model number, check the noise level.That will give you an idea how noisy is normal for that machine.
2 days
Patterns can hide sweat. Switch it up from the usual solid colors, and the dark patches of sweat will disappear behind the patterns and prints you're rocking. Not only will you be masking your sweatiness, but it also gives a perfect excuse to try out some style risks you know you've been wanting to take anyway.
3 hours
The sink is so full I can’t even get to it enough to wash anything Dx
5 hours
I was taking out the sheets of the washer and then accidently the sheets hit against my lips I then wiped it off, should I be worried or am I fine? Super paranoid
5 days
We didnt have garbage service for a while so our trash piled up in the garage which has no door animals got in it and now it's been at least 5 months and it smells horrible, do I need anything special to keep from getting sick while cleaning it and so on. Just what do I do.
5 days
If the tea bag remains in the pocket, it is likely there will be some staining in that area, along with whatever clothing is up against that pocket after the wash load is finished if not removed promptly.

I doubt one tea bag will stain the whole load of laundry because there is a helluva lot more water in a washing machine basin than in a cup of tea, so that tea in the washer will be ultra diluted and I doubt it will effect the load.

I have tea stained fabric and it takes A LOT of tea bags to accomplish that task, with far less water.
3 days
The charm is mostly consisted of sapphires and diamonds,with a gold backing. It keeps smelling like mildew. I just cleaned it with jewelry cleaner the other night. I have tried dawn before with temporary results. I hate that I have to keep taking my necklace off because of the smell. What can I use to rid it? I'm afraid to do vinegar as I don't want to erode the gems.
7 days
And do you leave the door open or closed between washes?
5 days
Someone just came to my house and did a demonstration of the Rainbow. I was very impressed with the product but not so impressed with the price. Is it worth the $2,400?
6 days
I'm 67 and never operated or owned a dishwasher.Not that I'm opposed to the technology, but our kitchen space is limited.We can't justify losing the storage space of an 18" or 24" base cabinet for an appliance that we don't absolutely need.The few times we have dinner guests, a dishwasher would be a great convenience.Daily, not so much.If we had the space, I'd spring for one, but if I have to sacrifice one appliance in the name of extra storage space, the dishwasher draws the short straw.