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1) traditional shoveling2) snowblower3) leaf blower for dry fluffy snow4) hire a snowplower5) hire a kid to shovel6) nothing - why struggle or pay someone to remove something that will be gone eventually7) other
2 days
Depends on what you drop & how clean you keep your kitchen floor.
2 days
I'm out of soap and this is all I have to wash my hands with
15 hours
My flat has a kind of... musty smell? It doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere in particular but no matter how much I clean and spray air freshener (which just makes me sneeze) I can't seem to get rid of it. It's very noticeable when you walk in from outside, to the point that I can't have people over because of the smell.If I lived in an upstairs flat, I would open the windows and let some fresh air in, which has worked in my past flats, I've never had this problem before. But I live in a ground floor studio flat which has one window at the front, which opens directly on the street outside. It opens outwards, too, which means it would get in the way of people walking as well as letting them see straight into my flat which I'm uncomfortable with anyway. And there's no other ventilation in the flat.Is there any alternative way to get rid of the smell?
2 days
I am seeing a lot of flowers in the trash can last valentines day. I am feeling a bit of sympathy to those flower growers for this special occasion.I am now wondering, why are the couples waste such a beautiful product made/arrange by people who cast a good luck love to them going to trash bin?I want to understand why...
18 hours
My bathtub drains slowly so I searched the web for natural solutions. Majority says to place baking soda and then vinegar and then hot water. But now the water wouldn't go down. It made it worst! Why did this happen if it's supposed to unclog my drain? And can I still fix it myself without having to call a plumber?
10 hours
It's simply impossible to say how much scale is inside your 28 yr old water heater.My guess would be a lot, but that's not the cause of your problem.Scale makes it harder and longer for the burner to heat the water.You use more gas, because the burner has to run longer, but you still have a full tank of water.

It sounds to me like your dip tube has corroded/ broken. The way a water heater works is that the cold water enters at the top of the heater and is routed through the dip tube to the bottom of the tank. The lighter hot water rises to the top where it gets drawn off.If you dip tube fails, the cold water mixes with the hot water sooner and dilutes it.

The dip tube *can* be replaced,but the average life of a water heater is 8-12 years. This is why you gotten so many recommendations to just bite the bullet and replace it. (Both now, and the last time you asked this question) New heaters have a lot more insulation than your old one and will use less gas.....especially considering the presumed scale buildup in yours.

14 hours
It is a storage vessel for propane. The tanks have to be outside the house and at least 16 ft away from it in case of explosion. You can get them for burial under the yard but they are specially designed for this application.

You can have it delivered in cylinders but they are a bit of a faff.
3 days
My bed is white with pale pink embroidery. And I also have a small ottoman that has peakcocks and dark pink blossoms on it. (It was expensive though made by opal house). My friends say my room looks “elegant” but does it sound too immature? Those are the only things in my room that are pink.
18 hours
I got my first house and there are some things that freak me out about it.One is that I have a light fixture, right next to the shower. It is definitely not meant for bathrooms, it's a bedroom light.Every time I take a shower, I get scared of it.There is a vanity light that is also next to the shower, but I am guessing it's for wet areas anyway.Is there a way to disconnect all power (by the wire) from the ceiling light and just have it on the vanity? Are they usually connected on the same wire?I don't need the ceiling light and later I will get a vanity light that takes more bulbs and that will make the bathroom bright
20 hours
It should not vibrate if it is properly balanced.It should have been balanced when it was installed.Perhaps, the installer was lazy and a lousy installer.Try and fix it yourself.Noise levels vary per machine.Some of the newer ones are virtually noise-free.Even if yours is old, it shouldn't be too noisy.If you have access to the manual or the model number, check the noise level.That will give you an idea how noisy is normal for that machine.
23 hours
My pipes are very old and I don't have the best water pressure.I just bought the house 2 years ago and am trying to slowly fix things.I want to repipe my house. It has 1/2" pipes which I will have replaced to 3/4" pipes (according to new code).I am just wondering if I should get copper pipes or the new PEX.All the pipes are in the crawl space, which has me worried about if I use PEX, will mice chew through. Although, right now I have the old PVC pipes and they have been there for probably 30-40 yrs and are still okay.
23 hours
The concrete floor was done 1 week ago and it looks wet in the corners. Any idea why?
24 hours
Either there's a problem with the breaker and it's flipping when it shouldn't, or there's a problem with the a/c system or wiring and it's flipping for good reason.

The HVAC guy is probably knowledgeable about this, I'd replace the breaker.

At worst, he's going for the inexpensive fix first. If you do the inexpensive repair of replacing the breaker and the new one flips, then you have to look for a more expensive problem.
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Rose, Lily or Tulip?
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No he is destroying America