13 hours
2 days
I've always cooked well done but I heard it causes cancer???? So what is best way to cook steak????
2 days
You would check with the patent office and see if it's already been filed.
2 days
are just fine - they don't freeze.What if anything can be done about it, and how much might it cost in the US to fix. PS... The temperature controlin the frig is just fine.
4 days
My new favorite is this apple crisp cooked in the slow cooker, with a type of oatmeal topping my dad has been making lately, it is so delicious with vanilla ice cream
2 days
You can use the tomatoes and mushrooms if they are in a recipe in which the tomatoes are cooked - not raw. (You can use them raw/thawed, but they will be mushy.)
The lettuce and cucumbers are ruined.
14 hours
I drink at least a bottle of wine every night I get off of work. I can’t stop drinking. I get sick if I don’t drink. I keep telling myself that I’m going to quit and yet I drink the following night. However, neither of my parents drink alcohol. Does this mean that I’m in no danger of being an alcoholic?
2 days
The best Ice Cream is from a local dairy and it is made using clotted cream, it has a sensational taste.
2 days
I was cooking rice earlier so I could make fried rice tomorrow but I didn’t know you were supposed to refrigerate it.. I thought I was supposed to let it dry on the counter. It’s been out about 7 hours.. apparently there’s a bacteria prone to growing on rice that isn’t killed by heat.. should I be okay?
1 day
My dad always makes steak welldone no matter how many times I ask for rare, its like eating leather. He keeps saying its not safe to undercook food. How do i go about telling him how stupid he is?