2 days
I mean why the fork would someone ever use that? What the frick does it even mean? I just don't fudging get it.And what in the devil does WTH mean? Just what the blazes could it possibly stand for? What in the heck is up with all these confusing abbreviations?
21 hours
Better is totally subjective but one of my all-time favorite movies is Empire Of The Sun starring a very young Christian Bale. Amazing performance.
5 hours
It goes back in Democrat history so far as to antedate the Civil War.
4 days
New York
Hong Kong
Los Angeles
Rio de Janeiro
1 week
Homosexual sex is far more fun than jail and anybody would be stupid to choose jail over it.If I was stuck in an unavoidable situation where it was either one or the other, no other choices and no way to get out of it, I'd clean out, lube up, and say bring it on.Of course, with a really good friend I'd be doing that anyway.
4 days
How about Uber Virgins?

Both drive for Uber. Neither have had sex. Every week is an absurdist nightmare of them both trying to get some against the backdrop of Portland, Oregon. That way, you can draw in the Portlandia crowd. You can also combine De Vito's current sad sack with his Louie De Palma persona from Taxi. Retro! The Forty Year Old Virgin tie-in, combined with Taxi, with a smear ofPortlandia's weirdness. Depending on who you pitch this to, you could make both...wait for it...conservatives. Cons driving Ubers in a liberal *** city. Honey, it's..what it is. Yeah.
4 days
I used to go home, have something to eat and relax most nights by playing videogames. You sound normal to me.

Update: Far less video gaming, more movie watching, cook my own food and more early nights. This getting old is no fun. 😁
1 week
Taht is EXACTLY what businesses do. they ALWAY&S pass taxes on to either the Customer, the Shareholder, (usually not) or the worker.

Governor Xuomo of New York recently said that the top One Percent of earneers in new York pay FIFTY PERCENT of the trax burden. now we are talking Salaried employees and Officers, not the company itself.
1 week
i like bbc and white shemale my favorite ones