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I’m a 67 year old White Conservative. My part time job paid me $12,000 this year. I received about the same from the money I paid in to social security the past 50 years. With fhose 2 incomes totaling less than 25K, my job earnings being less than my standard deductions, all federal tax I pay, I get refunded. Being a conservative, my small brick and frame house is paid for. Over 65 tax exempt has me at $167 in local government and school tax, per year. Serving my country worked out well we my free, no deductible insurance for life. And now they send me to private doctors rather than having to wait. People at the VA way more respectful. Our President is doing an amazing job, and the left still hasn’t figured out that Donal Trump has them looking so out there from reality. What a genius. I have $50k in the stock market from savings. Savings? ( they won’t know, will they?) I’m poor by my income, but I’m a rich conservative because I have something they can’t have. I’m content with who I am, and the world I live in. How is it for you?
3 weeks
Should we kill them to make some more room for the rest of them.
2 months
Yes.I enjoy looking at the ladies breasts and butts.
2 months
2 months
Especially when offered an opportunity, and they respond with “I’m not cut out/qualified for it/it would be wasted on me but thanks”