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After 2 years of learning and trying... I'm finally consistent in profiting from the stock market now... Should I drop out of college and focus on this now?
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Hypothetically, if my father passed away and he willed me his IRA, would the money I inherited stay inside of an IRA (meaning it could continue to accrue gains without taxes)?How would the tax situation work?Thank you for your help.:)
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I simply bought a few dollar stocks and sold them at the beginning of the year then stopped bc it wasn't for me. totally forgot I even invested at all. I got my email saying I made 21.88 so should I be worried?
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So i live below my means. I still live with my parents, I work 2 part-time jobs and i have already saved up $50k. I have no clue what to spend it on? How can i invest it in something or maybe start up a business or something?
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I tried cashing a $5k check at Walmart but was rejected for some reason. Too bad cause they only charge $8.
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I think it s pure stupidity and defeats the purpose of having gold and silver. Just want to know.
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So lets say I start up a franchise. How much attention do I need to pay to it? Would I be able to hold a full time job with it and still have some free time? How often would I need to do something for it? Can I just start up the franchise and pop in occasionally to make sure everything is running smooth and make sure everyone gets paid and thats it? Let me know as much information as you can supply, Thanks!
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Find a seller, make an offer
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The single most important thing you can do is not be afraid.That will help a lot.
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First thing to know is to be very suspicious if you are contacted first about any "deal". He didnt exactly contact you, but he did follow you which should set off an alarm in your head and it sounds like it did. Secondly, Bitcoin?Really? The third thing is that scammers are very good with words. They are very believable and more than likely practiced being a good speaker. Fourth of all, aint technology great? It is for scammers, too. Anything can be made to look believable if you have the right tools. Theres likely more things I can list, but Ill stop at 5 and that is trust your instincts. Have you heard of anyone complain about themselves making a bad move because they went with their instincts?
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Daniel Stock and Christopher Market
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Most people treat a 401K as a passive modest risk investment with some tax benefits. This tends to produce lower return on investment than rental property. However, rental property is neither passive or low risk.

Locating property to invest in and lining up capital (usually a mortgage) to purchase, repair, and find renters can take considerably more effort than a 401K.Even if you use a property management service, your own effort can be quite substantial and a property management service lowers your profit potential a bit.On the risk side, in addition to the possibility of not being able to reliably rent the property out while still paying fiance changes, taxes, and maintenance, your liability risk can be quite high. Sometimes your exposure is more than the value of the real estate itself. For this reason many real estate investors have each property owned by a different LLC or corporation and as both those entities can pass through liability under certain circumstances, it is not uncommon for the individual LLC's and corporations to be held in a trust or offshore LTD to further minimize risk exposure.

I have a business acquaintance that used to own eight rental properties for his retirement plan. All of them where under his own name. He used a property management company to screen renters and take care of maintenance. He often complained about the cost of damage and lose of rent caused by bad tenants. One day a domestic dispute between a renting couple got violent. One renter left the property while the other stayed behind and consumed a large quantity of alcohol before passing out. The other renter decided that it would be a good idea to purchase several gallons of gasoline and torch the property to express is displeasure about the argument. The other renter perished in the fire.The insurance claimed they do not cover arson and he would need to go after the his unemployed surviving renter who was facing a likely life sentence.

A few months later, he was hit with a law suit from the parents of the deceased because the fire marshal indicated in his report that one of the three smoke detectors did not have battery in it and may have been a contributing factor. Even though the property management company had a habit of replacing batteries in smoke detectors between renters, they could not provide any evidence to indicate that it had defiantly be changed before the renters took possession.The court decided for the plaintiff and ordered the property owner to pay the parents of the deceased $500,000.00.Between the lose of the income and value of the one property, the lack of renters in two others, the continued mortgage expenses and the judgement, he ended up forced to quickly sell all the properties at a small loss and has no retirement savings at all now.

My point is not to scare you away form rental property. The rewards (or loss) can be life changing!If you do deiced to invest in rental property, play it smart. Get good legal assistance before you buy to protect yourself because fecal matter happens. Good insurance is not enough.