14 hours
I'm filling out a job application, and one of the questions asks "Do you type?" (Yes or no). Does that literally just mean like computer typing?
15 hours
I work at a mom and pop pizza shop. I am the only employee of the husband and wife that own the place. Ive been working for two months but am simply over it. I feel bad and nervous confronting them (telling them im going to quit) what would be a good excuse that they would understand?
3 days
I’m completing my Masters Degree this May. For the past two years I’ve been living at my parents retirement home near the college I am attending and paying their mortgage for them as rent.This area does not have any jobs in my field of study. I let my parents know that I had an interview for a position four hours from where I am currently living with a very reputable firm. My mom got very upset with me. My father recently lost his job and is two years away from retirement. She is insisting I stay at their retirement home for the next two years until my father retires. She calls me selfish. I can’t find work here! I’ll be working retail for ten bucks an hour. I’m on the beach this area is all tourism.I don’t know what to do! I’m thirty years old I want to start a career for myself. Any advice?
1 day
Diploma in medical assistant, dental assistant, or machine tool technology and why?
2 days
I been at my work place for about 6 months now, my first month there I had to call in one day for jury duty, then i didn't call all in again until near the end of last month (January), but I was not sick that day I just call in due to the lack of sleep, and I already know I have to call in on the 12 of next month due to a class I'm taking. But today I am actually sick, but I don't feel right about calling in since it would seem like too much, what do you think?
2 days
I'm 21 at the moment, currently working in retail and would like to get a job as an estate agent.I'm doing my driving tests and I'll start looking for estate agent job at 22.5 to be precise.Then I'm thinking a years training, a permanent job after that and if it's not going well leave to go back to retail after 6 months or so.I'm just thinking a year can make a difference in retail because 25 year olds have to be paid more.So should I hurry up and rush with my driving lessons etc?Also does 24 still sound old in the world of retail? I do know of older people being employed where I work but it still makes me nervous!
20 hours
I asked a similar question, but I dont know if I was clear enough. I put in my 2 weeks 2 weeks ago, and today is my last day, but we are not working today due to weather. There may be someone in the building today answering calls. Not sure though. Should I call them, and ask them what to do, or should I show up next time we work, and find out what to do than? Thanks.
1 day
Feel very upset and annoyed my manager gave me a task just when I was going home. I really hate her. Feel annoyed and trying to vent my frustration. How should I release it and feel better? Don’t want it to effect my emotions for the whole weekend and be angry?
2 days
I work at a fishery, and we dont work when its storming. I work inside, but the guys on the docks give me work, so there is no work without them. We worked monday, and were told to take Tuesday, and Wednesday off. When I was leaving work on monday, I confirmed with my supervisor, and he did we are taking those days off, and that he will call us when we need to come in. I went to bed last night like was going to work the next morning. I set my alarm for 7:00. That's when I need to be at work. I figured if we were working, than hed call me before that time. A few minutes after 7:00, he calls and asks were I am. I say I'm at home. He was like, well we are working. I said sorry, you said you would call me when there is work again. He said that he ment he would call me on Wednesday, and Thursday if plans changed and that we end up working, and that he didnt say anything about having friday off. Should I have called, and asked if we are working, or did he over react?
5 days
Hi all.I applied for a job at Greggs a couple of weeks ago. So far, nobody has contacted me about when my interview will be. I was wondering if I should just turn up at the store and see if anyone is available to interview me? If so, what would be the best time to do this?
2 days
Me and this girl started this job together and she missed so many days at work, I am surprised they didn't fire her. She calls in sick every other week. I have perfect attendance.Our monthly ranking, I was at top 10 for the most approved and correct charts entered. She was at the bottom of the list, top 20. Meanwhile, I got okay star on my desk while she got excellence star at her desk. She got good reviews for her evaluation while I got an average review for mine.I am confused
4 days
I've been applying for jobs for 3 month now and have yet to get 1 interview. I have a university degree, I'm not incompetent. I'm about ready to apply for mcdonalds because it's better than nothing. What could be the problem, lack of related job experience? Bad cover letters?
21 hours
The place is just toxic, no support and doesn’t pay enough. Plus I’ve been jobs not in my job description.He was questioning my coworker about why, did I have another job and etc. then he said he was hiring nurses anyway so we could have days off- so he was happy about that.I don’t see the need to talk to him, I don’t want to be rude but I don’t want to answer those questions... anyyy advice?
3 days
Ok is a long story why would all the cooks and server treat me like **** at the job they said I was slow and start swearing at me?And they also say that I make the dish too dirty I try my best to be kind to everyone for 6 months why does people treat me like **** in a dishwasher job? I get all manager and all cooks and waitress all treat me very bad and say I wash the dish too dirty and I'm too slow also when is closing time the cook come and yell at me and say why is there so many f ing dish and start talking to him self swearing at me and say I'm very slow and scream at me from putting all the dish tray on the floor and the water was cold so he was ****.
1 day
The only person on the planet who actually cannot get a job is me. I'm the one person who is literally unhireable. I have basically no work experience, whatsoever, and I've been an adult for 18 years, will be 19 years this summer. I should be more than half way to retirement right now. Instead, I'm still trying to start life from the beginning, as if I just turned 18.

So, in a way, I can't help anyone with this question, let alone you.

I think you will get hired. I'm the one who will not. I can name to you companies that flat out told me that there is no way in h3ll that they would hire me. And yet, even they still expect someone to hire me, which I don't get, cause they, as an employer, should know better than to actually expect another employer to hire me, when they, themselves, feel that way about me.

All I can say is, keep applying. Do yard work for neighbors. Start a business of your own. Something is bound to come through for YOU.

You are doing nothing wrong in your job search. It's just difficult to find a job. In the 1800s, all we had to do was walk in, say, "Need some help around here?" And, the owner would say, "Yeah, you can start sweeping over there, and I will tell you what else to do later." And just like that, we could grab their broom, and start sweeping, and we had a job. Today, there could be 500 companies that are hiring, with 100,000 positions available, and only 250 applicants, and they need to hire someone yesterday to stay operating the way they need to operate, and you could even have exactly what they said they are looking for in a candidate, and still not be hired. That's just the way it's done today. So, it's not you. It's the system. There's nothing you can do but keep applying. What's wrong could be anything from you don't have a state required license to do said job, to they want someone with five years experience in the field when you only have six months experience in the field, to they only need one person to do the job out of 500 applicants, to they only have enough money to fill so many positions, to they have all of the workers they need, to even something as simple as they are looking for someone like Sally to fill the position, and you are more like Amy. It could be anything happening. All you can do is keep applying.