21 hours
my mechanic whom I trust told me that premium gas cleans my system and that I should put $10 of premium gas per month and the rest just regular.I am thinking of doing this at Costco. Will there be any benefits.? I drive a 2017 Rogue
2 days
Makes no sense. Why would a dealer (who I go to for regular tune-ups) want my not paid off car? What’s the catch to this? Someone explain
22 hours
If you have a credit card, then you can sign up for Uber or Lyft. Uber offers pool option that decreases the cost by sharing your ride with another passenger going in the same direction.
2 days
I want to buy a $15,000 car. I want to pay cash for it. And also, maybe try to negotiate a bit. Is this possible?
3 days
Worldwide, manual transmissions are still the preferred transmission choice but if you live in the US, only some 4% ( and falling ) of new vehicles sold are stick shift.

You could view it a couple of different ways:
1) you have no intention of ever buying a standard vehicle so why even bother learning,
2) or, even if you don't intend to buy a manual, at some point you may have to drive one or you could change your mind later in life and it's a good skill to learn.

Personally I prefer driving a stick-shift.All of my vehicles have had manual transmissions and I find them more entertaining compared to an automatic.But I know they're not for everyone nor the preferred choice in all situations.Sitting in stop n' go traffic with a standard can be a pain for example.
15 hours
It will be my first so help me out guys1. 2006 Toyota Camry LE sedan 118,384 mileage everything in good condition.2. 2008 Hyundai Elantra mileage 87,000 miles everything in good condition.3. 2010 Hyundai Accent mileage 83,000 miles everything in good condition4. 1999 Honda prelude mileage 81,000 miles everything in good condition.
2 days
I know some need it for work, and others just drive it for pleasure.
1 day
Are there any other products that have core charges? I understand that auto parts companies want your old part so they can refurbish it to sell it. It doesn’t seem fair to charge extra money if you don’t bring them your old part.
1 day
I got a photo radar ticket on jan 22 and u got a new licence plate on january 28 because i have to renew my licence at the end of the month but i decided to change licence plate cop is behind me and take picture of my car . I was speeding on 100kmh . Was speeding 115kmh ... I didnt realize my speed because i dont always looked down to check my speed limit as it can be a hazard sometime. And on my left side lane cars were going faster than me .Now i noticed that it was ticketedon my old licence plateIs it possible to pay it without telling them my new licence plate ?. My friend told me to toss it on the garbage because it was my old licence plate . But i am scared that my credit will go bad or if i renew my licence it is going to accumulate more penaltybecause i did not pay it even though it is tied down on my old licence plateIt is so expensive too and i cannot afford it because i am stillPaying my two student loans and rental house :(My paycheque is not enoughbut am willing toPay i just have to go to the court to plead for reduction but can i pay it without telling them my new licence?!Help !
3 days
Im looking at getting a new car in the future. I currently drive a old rusty crappy car. Im looking at new cars and the prices are insane. Is this normal? why are cars so expensive these days?
3 days
I have liability coverage and no uninsured motorist coverage. I had to stay at the hospital for three days and had to get surgery done. My car flipped over and is totally gone. There’s a lot of damage done to it. The other driver is a 21 year old male. No drivers license. No insurance at all.What should I do???
5 days
so i was driving on the highway and i noticed at one point it felt like i stop gaining speed even though i was already going 60 i also noticed the rpm needle was basically not moving and stayed at 3000 or 3 rpms even when i would give it a little gas and suddenly the car started smoking i pulled over immediately and turned the car off i waited about 15 minutes and tried to turn it on it tried to start but wouldn’t turn over and turn on i checked the oil because my oil light was on for about a day and the oil stick was bone dry i was actually on my way to get more oil but am i right about it needing more oil or is it a deeper cause ?
1 day
Cars can sit on dealer lots for long time, often changing hands several times between dealers, traders, auction houses, whatever. They are barely driven so inevitably the batteries sometimes go flat. As long as that's the only issue, there's no reason to worry about it. A new battery or charge should fix it. If the car is quite expensive you may want to get a tech to check the alternator output (as well a general check). If it's a beater, then get the dealer to put in a new battery for you if you can negotiate it, otherwise factor in the price of a new one when you make an offer.