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"See, being a whore to rich guys can get you anything"!
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A lot of times I see people posting really boring, generic/cliche and bad detail pictures but getting so much praise for them.Where as some pictures are incredible, unique, lots of effort seems to go into it and yet goes unnoticed or under the radar.
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I'm really frustrated. I tried a bit of youtube .. got me a couple of books but it all this did is it got me confused cuz each book and video has a different technique
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If you are salaried - and want to stay that way -I would think the answer was pretty obvious.
But if you want to go ahead and charge them extra, you need to agree it in advance.
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I love to paint, but the truth is, i'm just no good. I have no talent and am totally unoriginal, and I HATE MYSELF FOR IT! But I still love to paint because it gives me pleasure. however. I hate showing my artwork to people. I am actually embarrassed by my art because I know it's not really good. Should I keep painting? Or is it hopeless and pathetic for me to continue?
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If you really look at it, nothing has changed since then. Everything else works (worked) exactly the same way since the camera obscura was created. Make a light-tight box, poke a tiny hole on one side and voila, you get an image on the opposite side. It's just that modern cameras are more refined.

The camera obscura's slit on the wall is now replaced with a lens. The size of the wall's slit has been developed into an iris for variable aperture control. Since the camera obscura was more or less just a projector, the blinds that covered the slit on the wall would be to start and end the show. On cameras however, the shutter has been developed for better control of light. Then finally, the wall is now replaced with recordable media which would have been plates in the early times then more recently film and now digital.

It started with plates and then followed by film. Both media were coated with chemicals that change properties when exposed to light. Today, the medium of choice is a digital sensor, an electronic device that translates light into electric signals which eventually gets stored as digital data by a tiny computer inside the camera.

One thing for sure however is that the camera obscura would have been faster than any digital camera ever. The old camera obscura relies on a direct light projection so the image comes out instantaneously so unless the digital camera can be made to work at the speed of light, it wall always "lag" behind.
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I think it would have improved the composition

As there is lots of room,


Very Best Wishes


Source:) Photography school.
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Obviously I won’t take the picture of my info but I want to post a pic of my photo on my license. Is that okay? Can people “steal” my identity still?
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Crop and straightenUsing the Crop tool, you can trim edges, change the shape and size of a photo, and even straighten a crooked shoreline or horizon.Improve lighting and colorBrighten a photo and make its colors pop using adjustment layers.
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It looks as if a lot of effort went into creating it.