3 days
I wasn’t alive back then so I have no idea what things were really like.
2 days
Why do people put so much effort into life when having an effortless life is what clearly makes you happy and fulfilled and effort makes you miserable?
1 day
That's a tough choice.On one hand, Mary Ann had that girl-next-door, country beauty to her, while on the other hand Ginger was glamorous but didn't seem pretentious or stuck on herself, and instead seemed rather down to earth.Couldn't I just be stranded on a deserted island with both of them?Oh, and with the Professor, because he knew how to make food and useful tools from the natural resources.
6 days
Call her a b¡tch and then block her.

Dont take it personally that she rejected you though. You more than likely dodged a bullet.
5 days
Georgia is a country south of Russia, it was part of the USSR.Do you need some education?
4 days
"we also find the idea of progress made to serve belief in the desirability and necessity of political absolutism, racial superiority, and the totalitarian state. In sum, there is almost no end to goals and purposes which have been declared the fulfillment or outcome of mankind's progress."
7 days
Not weird...seeing other couples may be comforting and inspiring.
1 week
I just want to know, if the situation allows it, do all men rape? Or are some of them emotionally and psychologically unable to do so even if the situation allowed it or if they had a gun to their head to do it like many woman are psychologically unable to do so in that exact same circumstances?
1 week
The growth in Africa has been relentless. In 1900 Africa had just 10 million Christians out of a continental population of 107 million—about nine percent. Today the Christian total stands at 360 million out of 784 million, or 46 percent. And that percentage is likely to continue rising, because Christian African countries have some of the world's most dramatic rates of population growth.
7 days
But I can't help but feel like I'm the biggest idiot on the planet. Why is this ?
1 week
Some of you know my expertise in StatisticsHere goes:A new meta-analysis blends the results of 28 studies that all took measures to mitigate this problem. Based on data from more than 600,000 participants, all told, psychologists Stuart Ritchie and Elliot Tucker-Drob have arrived at a rough estimate of how much an added year of education lifted participants’ IQ scores, on average: between 1 and 5 points.
1 week
By seduction I don’t mean sex, but to get them to like/love you
2 weeks
It's the other way around actually
2 weeks
They care about profit and not people. Poor people have no money, so building homeless shelters for the poor is a lot less profitable than building condos and entertainment complexes for the wealthy white collar workers and warehouses for their businesses.
2 weeks
English has many roots and some of our words have Germanic [through Anglo-Saxon colonisation] origins but more have Latin origins, many French and some Gaelic. Also some from India and new words from other cultures welcomed in our country. It is a fluid language, developing as the speakers will
2 weeks
Yes, our shanties are of plywood, not cardboard like the poor people