2 days
1. Mark Zuckerberg :- A good looking beta male. A nice guy and one of the richest man on the planet. Net worth over US$ 60 Billion2. Johny aka The Animal :- A real man with balls made of steel. Looks good too very masculine isn't he?A well known white alpha male according to police records. Net worth : US$ 150 and 20 grams of Heroine.
2 days
Explaining a situation from a logical perspective?Is Womansplaning the act of explaining a situation from an irrational perspective?
2 days
jobs like teaching, nursing, barista, food server, bank teller etcnotsaying there are only women in these jobs and there are no women in jobs that require more work but it is interesting that they are dominated by women
1 day
Im a 29 year old male and I dont see a difference
1 day
Thinking that women should be allowed to speak in public
1 day
Or is it simply a comparison between what men on average and women on average earn
5 days
I wish men were like woman. Woman almost never look at men's private parts.
1 day
Asked in response to a feminist pointing out that even when comparing men and women in the same jobs (careers) women earn less than men.If, for example, male high school teachers earn more than female high school teachers on average, does it prove women are discriminated against, or could there be some other possible explanation?
2 days
Is a masculine man better? Are men who don't necessarily fit the role of traditional masculinity doomed to be alone?
2 days
the place seems to be RUN BY WOMEN !!
16 hours
Good point, sounds like womens heterosexuality equates to bad taste in partners.
23 hours
Largely because of catholicism.The Catholic Church wants their followers to reproduce like bunnies, expanding their religion, followers and support.
12 hours
My grandpa was born in 1920s and he told me he’s surprised how men nowadays show no interest in marriageWhen he was young, men were very eager to marry. Because I’m old days, marriage =sex. Now that men can easily get sex without marriage, they don’t care to get married.Was this all a plot by the devil to destroy marriage ?
3 days
Feminists say men and women are equal, but when feminists say women need programs advantaging them to create a level playing field, aren’t they saying women are less capable?
4 days
It has always meant "Rights without responsibility". Which would indeed go under the name 'privilege'.