1 day
YouTube videos. I have such a low esteem, because of my look and not without a reason (among others, receding hairline while I'm ALMOST 15-years-old). My life is sad like my childhood was. If I wasn't that scared of death, I'd definitely be dead right now. Is there something that could help me or I just have to overcome my afraid of death and do what I really want to do? (Suicide).
3 days
They always haunt me, and many people have negatively judged me and my personality for them. How can I make things right?
4 hours
This statement is stupid because it makes the assumption that everyone who is suicidal has a loving family which simply isn't true.Some people literally don't have families, either their whole family has died and they are all alone, or they were alone from the beginning, many foster kids fall under this category, as well as homeless people.Some people don't have friends.Some people might have families but their family is abusive, or drug junkies, or gang members and hates them and would probably be glad if they died (Yes, family like this exist)By saying "You shouldn't kill yourself because you'll end up hurting the people who care about you" is lowkey indirectly saying "if you are alone and have no family and friends then suicide is perfectly fine"The people who are anti-suicide never take into account that there are truly people out there who have no one and if they were to kill themselves no one would miss them. If they wish to save those people saying "Suicide will hurt your loved ones" is counter productive.
3 days
Yep. Sad but true. Some people will judge a person just on how they look, and it's really sad because they didn't even take the effort to get to know that person.
2 days
I’ve spent my youth struggling with PTSD from sexual abuse! I’m 33... I would give myself a 7 in looks and I have no children. I’m broke with a college degree and I live at home! I’m finally healed from the ptsd... my thing is.... is my life ruined. I don’t have a job/career. I feel like I missed out! I want children (is it too late)... if my life is destroyed... I fear I may end up hurting the people who destroyed me. No one has a right to destroy me...
20 hours
So, I'll admit, I do have a past of feeling depressed, and at one point or another, suicidal. However recently I've been feeling a lot better. In Fact, since September of last year, I havent felt any self hatred or grief, at all. However, even if I'm in a normal mood, whenever I'm just kindve sitting and thinking to myself, every now and then it happens with other people around, I start thinking about suicide. What it would feel like, how I'd do it, what it would look like, everything. But even then, I dont feel sad. I'm not suicidal, or anything like that, its just become a concern of mine. Once I even had a vivid dream of me taking my life by jumping off of a building. Is this more common than I think, and what are ways to potentially stop these thoughts? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
1 day
I am ugly as hell but that's not the only reason. As you know there are many ugly people out there but people usually don't dislike them at first sight. They may not pay any attention to them that's all. Something else is wrong with me. Anybody can help? Why the hell I deserve this?
2 days
Can you imagine anything more boring that watching another person 24/7. I mean, really, what are they going to see? For the most part they will see sleeping, eating, watching tv, gaming, texting, and all sorts of boring things. On the rare occasion, they might see you naked or masturbating, well after seeing that 1,000 times, that would get boring too. Would you watch someone 24/7 just to see something? So, one, logically no one is watching you (it's just a feeling you have); two, no one would want to watch you (it would be boring); and, three, the likelihood of someone watching you who is also a criminal is so remote, you might as well worry about winning a million dollar lottery, as that is just as probable, and a far nicer worry than what you're thinking!
4 days
When someone becomes obsessed with another person, romantically speaking?
10 hours
If you are truly over him, I would recommend either ignoringhim or message him, NO THANKS.

If you are not over him, then state whatever you need to, to get full closure for YOURSELF
5 days
You cannot tolerate people with average intelligence because you are superior to them ;)
12 hours
A much more effective action would be to join a group - club, church, sports team - doesn't matter what.But happiness comes from involvement with others and working, preferable as a team, towards something worthwhile.
2 days
No. At least you 'can' but think of this from the poor dog/puppy's point of view.You take in a puppy (or an adult) and just as he starts to settle in his new home, he's taken back.I'd not have sold a puppy to a family with this idea in mind, for one second.

You can be absolutely certain that once the novelty wears off, your son will move on to other 'wants', leaving YOU to look after the dog until the end of his life. You have already said you don't want this, so get tough. Tell your son he's not going to get a dog at this point. Sometimes kids have to learn that 'I want' doesn't always get. I was always taught this, and re my 'want' of my own dog, it didn't happen until I left home and even then not until we could afford for me to stop working full time.

Time to put your foot down I'm afraid.
2 days
She's probably trying to justify her miserable existence.
14 hours
Do you ever get these feelings? You get these very intense lonely, sad and empty feelings but it goes away as the day go. Why do I get these out of the blue alone feelings when I’m actually not alone?
14 hours
While it's okay to be sad some of time, being sad so often may be a sign of depression. I've had some experience with that and in my opinion it's like a bacteria. If you don't treat it it'll just get worse.

Now you can attempt to help yourself by telling yourself to think positively and if you ever start thinking bad things then just put them straight out of your mind by remembering joyful thoughts. With positive reinforcement the mind can do amazing things.

Or, if that doesn't work for you, seek professional help. Talk to your doctor about this problem. If they are any good they'll be sympathetic and provide help or refer you to someone who can help.

And, just in case you don't know, anything you tell your doctor is between you and the doctor. That is, the doctor must not tell your parents. If you are unsure on this point, ask the doctor if they will keep your discussion confidential. If the doctor is your general family doctor and you suspect they would divulge information to your parents then go to a different medical facility and see another doctor. I'd suggest a doctor who is the same gender as you.