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No.You can look up "race-based medicine" and find several medical problems that are more likely in one race than in another.
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so they could be like us humans and we would have a different perspective in important decisions
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If we originated and africa and white people look different because they mixed with neanderthals, then what about asians?
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or are they just mixed with all kinds of stuff
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You would run too. There are 7 or so groups fighting, I'd get out of the way. Syrians (on two sides), Kurds, Russia, US, Turks, ISIS.What a mess.
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I'm from Spain and I'm use to live in a multicultural environment. In my family and friends circle are people from different religions, nacionalities and ethnic groups. I have always think that learn from other cultures and take some of their customs makes us rich. A few years ago a friend told me about cultural appropiation but I never undestand what it means, because any kind of interest in other's culture is great for me.
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If the person has acquired the necessary skills: yes, of course
though of course survival is always temporary (no one lives forever)
and even a debilitating disease (not necessarily a deadly one) or any other serious medical condition that needs professional medical treatment (an infection, for example) could put the person in the ground.

Such a person would have to be able to produce food, clothing and shelter ***and tools*** suitable to the environment with nothing other than what is available in the environment. The person would also need to be able to store food unless the environment produced plentiful food year-round (which some environments do). If we assume a complete break with society, even agriculture is not an option (since seed would not be available to the survivalist when he began his new life).

Naturally multiple people specializing in various skills would improve survivability
but as long as our hypothetical survivalist had the necessary skills, that person could survive and probably even thrive for an indefinite period if they were in a relatively clement environment.

It's unusual for a person of our societies to have such skills.
A person from a primitive society is more likely to possess all of the necessary skills.

Generally the harsher the environment the more difficult it would be to survive.
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im a man from the uk in my fourties and my father is from southern spain, and want to know if this gives me ancient moor ancestry?im no history buff but i did hear the moors conquered spain a long time ago.
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The Bolivian Navy is a branch of the Bolivian Armed Forces. As of 2008, the Bolivian Naval Force had approximately 5,000 personnel. Although Bolivia has been landlocked since the War of the Pacific in 1904, Bolivia established a River and Lake Force in January 1963 under the Ministry of National Defense. It consisted of four boats supplied from the United States and 1,800 personnel recruited largely from the Bolivian Army. The Bolivian Navy was renamed the Bolivian Naval Force in January 1966, but it has since been called the Bolivian Navy as well. It became a separate branch of the armed forces in 1963. Bolivia has large rivers which are tributaries to the Amazon which are patrolled to prevent smuggling and drug trafficking. Bolivia also maintains a naval presence on Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, across which runs the Peruvian frontier. Landlocked Bolivia has not reconciled with the loss of its coast to Chile and the Navy exists to keep the hope alive of recovering its coast by cultivating a maritime consciousness. The Bolivian Navy takes part in many parades and government functions, but none more so than the Día Del Mar (Day of the Sea) in which Bolivia, every year, re-vindicates its claim for an unspecified sovereign access to the sea.
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Stop pooping on your own values.