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I like reading sexual books about boyxboy, when it gets to sexual parts and its described well, I get turned on. But when I read girlxboy ones I feel uncomfortable. I'm a girl but I don't like girlxboy. Is there something wrong with me?
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I mean one that actually has paper pages and goes up on a shelf
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Most of them.
Why, do you want to know the names of them. Maybe give them a tryand see do you likesome of them.
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I don't think anyone but your descendants and any bratty little siblings would be interested in reading your diary.Not that your diary is boring.I don't know what you've been through.It might be interesting, but most diaries are interesting only to the writer of the diary. Mine are interesting only to me.In fifty to a hundred years, it could end up in an archives for its "local history" of mid-twentieth century teenage mores in a locality in Southern Ontario or mentions of things like "8-tracks", "transistor radios","VHS tapes" and "rotary dial telephones".

But keep your diaries and notebooks.You never know what inspiration you may find when re-reading them.After all, Anne Frank knew she was living in interesting times.How many people went into hiding in a "secret annex"?Plus, their lives were in danger.She did not know how things would turn out for them.The idea that they might be killed; or the Allies might liberate them; or that they might have become slaves or worse if the Nazis remained in power, the whole uncertainty of their future,and how to get through it, must have weighty - as well as the need to keep silent and what to do about Margot and their roommates annoying her, and Peter in particular.Anne was "going through the change to becoming a woman", as my mother would say.Most of our lives are not in danger.

So, write your personal story in your diary; but I suggest you keep it private unless you have gone through a crisis.Cancer.War.The death of your mother or child.Something your readers can relate to or want to know about.You can take an impression you wrote and made it a part of your character's experience - perhaps the first time you flew in a plane or skydiving or your current crush or a description of that great or terrible movie you saw. (I still remember how I felt when I first read "Gone With the Wind" at 15.That book represented a milestone year in my life. My first year in a new school.My first "adult" crush. Several challenges undergone. The death of a classmate's mother.)You are not transcribing your diary for publication, but "reliving" an experience you read in your diary, so you can describe the feelings your main character feels:joy, thrill of "growing up" and being "in a relationship", helplessness for a schoolfriend's loss, the horror of watching her spin downhill with depression, grief and all the work of becoming orphaned and a homemaker for her father and younger brother.
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I’m a white American and I want to write a fictional book about African culture and history. I love learning about other cultures including my own and I love writing about them. I will do plenty of research for the book and try to be as accurate as possible. I’m also fine if a Black or African writer wants to write a story about Portuguese, Irish, or Finnish culture and History. Is it okay for me to do so?
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Recently, as a comic artist, I started to write my own comic book and I started with making a script. I managed to write some of it, but I couldn't write any further because the writer's block just hit in and I need help to overcome it. At first, I thought the idea would come if I wrote more and it did at first, but later I lost my ability to write any further. When I searched Wikipedia about the writer's block, it stated that there are many ways to overcome the writer's block. One of them is to ask writers questions to uncover their writing process. I know one writer to contact if this doesn't help. Anyway, I really want to write a something creative, but I don't have any idea what to draw as the writer's block keep blocking my thoughts and I really need help. Thanks in advance.
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I am a senior citizen and have just finished my 4th HP book
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"And Then They Were Clueless"

Mash-up of And Then There Were None and the game Clue.
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I love to read novels, short stories, poetry etc. but I have a hard time getting myself to read my textbooks even if they're of a subject I enjoy. I'm majoring in environmental science and I love learning of I as much as a possible and every aspect of it catches my attention except when I'm reading a textbook. And I don't seem to have the best self-control and if I am able to get myself to sit and read I can read an entire section and not remember a thing that I read when I set the book down, even if I take notes. Any tips? Thank you.
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That's not a plot, it's a premise. Before you worry about writing a series, worry about writing one compelling book, with a strong narrative and character arc. Leave some loose ends or have some minor characters whose own stories might be interesting, or leave room for another story on a grander scale. (The characters win a battle in the first book, but there's still a war to fight.)

Publishers won't offer to publish the rest of the series until they've seen the sales figures for the first book, so the first one needs to be able to stand on its own in case there aren't any more. If you plan on self-publishing, the first book still needs to be able to stand on its own, because readers are used to series working like this. (They want to be able to try out a series without having to commit to buying all the books just to find out how the story ends.)
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The God can't be omniscient and omnipotent, because he would know what to do, how to do it and what the end result will be - and he'd do it instead of letting the human figure it out.The God would be bored by the problem.Perhaps that's the reason Mycroft Holmes seldom left his chair at the Diogenes Club.He knew too much to be curious about what was going out outside his window.

I suggest reading "Mythos" by Stephen Fry.It's his retelling of the story of the Greek gods and their creation of life in the world and of humans.The second half, where Zeus decides to descend from Olympus and walk about the world with Prometheus, is the best place for you to start reading, IMO.Zeus gets the idea that the gods need "pets", some creatures not quite gods themselves, but having language and imagination. Creatures who will interact with the gods like dogs and humans will do (when there are humans) and worship the gods.Prometheus gets to work creating humans.You can read the whole book if you wish, but that part to the end was the most interesting and I think it could stir your imagination.
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Elevation has one-star reviews on Amazon. Also his books are not getting anywhere near as much reviews as they once did on Amazon. Is he losing his edge?
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Yes. My somewhat unusual name appeared on list of unsolved murders on a whiteboard in 'Homicide, Life on the Streets' I am happy to say it was erased before the end of the episode and the murderer brought to justice.