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Churchill was indeed a whisky guzzling war criminal who ordered the indiscriminate bombing of Berlin and Dresden to target civilians, specifically women and children, and brought the Blitz on London that killed our civilians.
This was totally unnecessary since Hitler made repeated peace proposals that were rejected.
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The students killed in the Kent State shootings were not involved in the protests, it was completely unjustified to open fire on them, let alone the fact the NG had live ammo, when they were not supposed to.
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I remember as a boy in the 1960s seeing a movie on China which then was still strongly under the control of Moa and the Communists.The Chinese poor used to make a crude pig iron and it was outside their expertise to make steel.China back in the 1950s was a very 3rd world country and the Communists punished anyone who was a free thinker.Likely one or 2 government foundries could make decent steel but for the most China saw itself as a country of poor peasants who were not allowed to show any sort of initiative and could be severely punished for appearing to do anything that was seen as above anyone else, and were held back from advancing China.
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Its certainly true that if the Germans had been stopped at the Ardennes, and the war descended into an Attritional war, France and Britain had the advantage due to the endless cornucopia of resources that their world spanning colonial empires were.
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In the beginning, with his blitzkrieg tactics on Europe, he was brilliant.A fast moving war front was totally unheard of until then.The Allies were totally overwhelmed.

But then...

Stupid absolutely stupid was Der Fuhrer.

When he opened up the second front (Russia), he was destined to lose the war.He way over extended his logistics lines and totally misjudged the effect of the cold Russian winters on his troops.
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The Russians successfully defended their Capital Moscow before the US even entered the War. And by 1940 the British them selves were outproducing Germany in aircraft. Id say the British and Russians crush Germany and Italy (and their dozens of smaller allies) by winter of 1946-1947.
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Frankly the police today are much less militarized than ever.Historically the military used to take care of policing. They wore standard military grade armor, had military weapons like bows, spears, crossbows, halberds etc (the medieval equivalent of m16s and sniper rifles).You look at police officers today and they are armed with tasers, pistols, pepper spray, and they have access to a more powerful weapon if needed. But, for the most part they are less armed than a medieval soldier would have been.Look I am not saying militarization of the police is a good thing entirely, but the police today are far less militarized than ever considering they carry pistols. It would be like arming all medieval soldiers with clubs, daggers, and knives. More than capable of killing someone but not all that effective compared to other weapons.Even in the 19th-century police used to carry rifles with them all the time. Now they don't quite as much as they used to.Sure police look scary wearing their modern armor, but most just wear their uniform with their hats.Frankly, things have gotten better so I don't get where this notion that police are being militarized is coming from. Only specialized SWAT teams and groups like this are really militarized. But we need people to be armed like this as they are effective at dealing with terroists, and dangerous criminals.
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Historians generally dismiss the claim that Adolf Hitler was Jewish by blood due to lack of records and evidence. In addition, he was raised Roman-Catholic but he became disdainful of the religion over time. However, he never formally left the church nor was he excommunicated by the church
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The ones that never came home