8 hours
Viva México my favorite country in the world!We won’t pay for the wall ever!Also if you come to Mexico you better learn Spanish.Spanish is the most important language in Mexico.
3 days
For example in sentence instead of saying: "There is a lot of snow today." They will say "They is a lot of snow today"
15 hours
I’m beginning to learn a new language but I have not decided which language- Italian or German. I hopefully want to travel or study abroad in Italy, Germany or Switzerland.Is one harder than the other? And which one is easier for a native English speaker?Ps. If you have other language suggestions, tell me!
1 day
They’re both correct, but most Americans would say “I think it’s a good idea.”
4 days
i can speak czech because my mum is from czech republic, but it seems so useless because its such a difficult language so im not even fluent. whats the actual benefit of knowing such a pointless language?
7 days
I need to learn another 55 languages.I already speak 3 languages fluently, English, Spanish and Russian.My native tongue is Spanish.How can I do it?
2 days
sometimes when i hear a swedish accent it sometimes sounds french or something. im not an ignorant american. im actually from the uk but i noticed a lot of european accents sound similar when they speak english. does anyone else kind of agree?
5 days
'Donut' is an American-English simplification of 'doughnut,' following a trend started by Noah Webster [compare plow from plough]. In this case the usage was adopted by the many commercial "donut shop" signs during the Great Depression when donuts were three for a nickel and could keep body and soul together for a little while.

My dad used to sing a song from that period that went like this:

"Oh, I went to Toledo and I ran around the block,
And I ran right in to a donut shop,
I grabbed three donuts hot from the grease
And I handed the lady a five-cent piece.

She looked at the nickel, she looked at me,
She said, a plugged nickel's no good to me,
There's a hole in the middle and it goes right through,
Said I, there's a hole in the donuts too.

Thanks for the donuts, goodbye!"