3 days
Personally I think it’s stupid who the hell cares which celebrities is under the masks anyway.
2 days
Sure. Captain Kirk in a police uniform.
3 days
Mr T wasn't considered the star of the show.He was there to draw in a younger audience, but he wasn't the star.As for his acting ability, it's minimal.He had a presence, and that's what he was there for.
6 days
Northerners are inferior
6 days
In a world where we have the ability to binge watch shows on demand and can finish seasons of television within days under the right circumstances..Where do you think televsion is headed?A tv show that takes months for producers to make can suddenly be consumed in an entire weekend. How are they going to keep up with the demand? Have we doomed ourselves by creating sites like Netflix and Stan and many other streaming sites?Interested in everyone's opinion on this because I know I am always looking for new things to watch. Sometimes I miss the days of having to wait to watch your favourite TV show and the suspense of waiting until the following week to find out what happens.
7 days
The television is fairly good with a lot of channels and choice of viewing. What do you think and how could it be better ?.
1 week
I think he's still in the dungeon room having fun
6 days
No it's filmed September-November(Aired January-March) and Bachelorette is filmed March-May(Aired late May-early August)
It's why you see spoilers around during the season.

The only part that is live in the Finale where Chris Harrison talks to the audience in between breaks and then after the finale episode ,the ATFR where he talks to the Bachelor, the final one and the F2

And no they can't use social media on the show until they get eliminated(or if you are F2 then when filming ends)
6 days
Just that she looks hot. No matter what she's wearing or almost wearing. P.S. It's "in" tight, low cut tops. Not "on".