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Nope.If you want to get paid, you'll have to call your old manager and schedule a time to go pick up your check.Don't sweat it.You're certainly not the first snowflake who quit on your manager in this fashion, nor will you be the last.Go get your money.
1 day
I'm going to try and make this blunt and to the point. I've worked for a chain restaurant for years, and this summer transferred to a different store on the college campus I attend. The store was failing, barely any profits, and the last manager besides the general manager quit. She was desperate to promote and begged me despite me not wanting to. Every employee is our age, I think the oldest person is 23. I was the newest employee/manager and being thrown into this role sucked. Between our constant financial problems and safety issues (we literally have a 24/7 police officer), associates just don't work and I rarely have time to prioritize that. I'm the closing manager & it should take 30 minutes, they take us at LEAST 2.5 hours. There's no excuse but I can't constantly bark at individuals when EVERYBODY constantly does nothing. It's frustrating and I'm not sure how to stand my ground. I have seen employees scream at the other manager for asking them to stop sitting on the ground or get off their phone. They listen to me when I speak, but only because I don't constantly yell at them, but their performance is unlike anything I've seen & so I really should be saying something constantly. I don't know how to change this and I'm just looking for advice on anything to say. Whenever I tell them to do something, or not do something, they go back to doing/not doing that thing in 5 mins. It's exhausting and nobody wants to tell at everyone every 5 mins to actually work. What do I do?
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Send an email back - 'What project is it that I am supporting you on?"
17 hours
and I want to get cremated and I also payedfor my cremation in advance. do my children get a bill from the ambulance company or the hosiptal. or the mortician?I want to make sure I have everything covered. no hidden costs.
3 days
It didn't leave circulation.Whoever exchanged for it, essentially bought it from you and will spend it themselves putting it back into circulation.If you took money and buried it in your back yard then it leaves circulation.If enough people do this (somehow take money out of circulation - lose it or whatever) they will replenish it faster by simply printing more.
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In the current technology-driven environment, recruitment, even in its most basic form, is vastly different process from what it was a few years ago. Technology has fundamentally changed not only how humans interact with each other but also how we hiring today.

For starters, technology has done away with the rather mundane facets of the recruitment process, making it not only much faster but also simpler. And not just that -- technology has also transformed the role a recruiter serves today. Thanks to automation, the need for human intervention in operational areas of the recruitment and talent acquisition process has been significantly limited. Instead, it has helped recruiters focus their efforts on the more analytical and intellectual aspects of the process.
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I have placed a hold on my mail, which I assume will stop the delivery of any packages coming through the united states postal service, but will it stop delivery from other carriers such as UPS or FedEx?Thanks!
2 weeks
They asked me why I want to leave my current job.I told them"My experience at my current company is great. My manager and I have a very good connection and together became part of something special as we helped get the accounting department moving in the right direction. We were a dynamic duo like Michael Jordan and Pippen or LeBron/Wade, but this is an opportunity that I can t pass up on.I ve always wanted to be a part of this type of industry, and a reputable company with a great culture and future"I used a sports reference in my answer.
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I just ripped my United States of America one dollar bill and that thing was like a treasure to me.
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Well, I was talking to the owner of a pet supplies shop this very afternoon who said that he'd really be far better off if someone took over his business and employed him at min wage as he works 7 days a week and just keeps afloat.