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Digital marketingin other words, any form of marketing that exists online.

Source:-Truedial and Vyaparmantra
2 weeks
Its a way of saying "good actor".
Oscar winning is usually taken as "good".
3 weeks
I ordered something from the global store on Amazon last Friday, but for some reason it still says it hasn't been dispatched yet.Has anyone else ever noticed this?
3 weeks
I am blocking numbers than are nit legit or are hts harrassnent callsI do nnot want to block calls from PayPal or Amazon. I think I jknow AMazons. Totally unclaer on Pay
4 weeks
We're all mixed people.
I am a Baha'i.a member of the Baha'i Faith.We believe there is only one God, that sent Buddha, Jesus, Moses, etc to humanity, now Baha’u’llah has come.
4 weeks
the reason ive started to collect dvds and blu-rays of old films is because i can see modern entertainment is going to sh1t, going down the toilet.but a while back, i was shocked to discover when watching a blu-ray of lord of the rings from 1978 on my desktop computer with cyberlink power dvd, that there was an advertisement playing before it took me to the main blu-ray movie menu.i hate advertisements so much, especially modern corporate advertisements.....please tell me they are not starting to put ads on dvds and blu-rays now? are they?ads have already overtaken the tv and internet, please please tell me these film companies are not going to put ads onto dvds and blu-rays now...because ive never saw them in previous years when watching dvds?
4 weeks
Does anyone know how to earn 2$ fast. I don’t have a lot of time and need to make a purchase. I’m 2$ dollars short, any sites or anything I can use to get 2$ fast?I already have survey junkie, inbox dollars And PointsPrizes, they all have 10$+ cash out.
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I have baby toys that all of them can play with.
4 weeks
It is an old scheme by any standard.

All you can do is try to speed through it.

Some titles don't allow fast viewing of the ads.
With those you just have to suffer through the junk.
1 month
It’s a marketing tactic if i say something is 4.99 you’ll be like it not even five dollars and maybe be more inclined to pick it up. However if something is 5.00 then maybe it will make you feel less inclined to pick it up and a higher chance you won’t buy it I also think there’s something psychological about it something that inclined your brain to urge you on more to buy it when it see 4.99 instead of 5.00 idk it’s weird but at the end of the day there maying money and sales off the .99 tactic
1 month
Yes, most ads are annoying. But think about it. How would the people running those sites support them? Websites can cost a lot to maintain. For one thing, the bandwidth can cost a lot, especially with pages that have a lot traffic. The hosting for the pages can also cost a lot depending on what kind of infrastructure they are using and how robust it is. What would be the alternative? Paying for each site you use?

I think at the very least, they should start makingstatic ads; ads that don't do anything fancy or auto-play.