19 hours
My company just had a bunch of trash receptacles delivered.So since my female co-worker was walking in the area of the ladies restroom, I politely asked her to put the trash can [which I handed to her] in there.However, I didn’t ask if she was on her way there, as I didn’t want to sound like a perv.Therefore, I figured the fact that the ladies restroom was not out of her way, it was okay to ask.Just wondering since ladies typically shouldn’t be asked to carry anything.But it was an obviously light trash can, and i’m obviously not allowed in there.
1 day
Yet one of my top ten is Cypress hill (0only black featuring)
16 hours
Do I still act like a child?
9 hours
Suppose this scenario unfolds:Mike: John, a few of us from the office are going out for drinks after work. You wanna come?John: No.Joe: ... but why?John: I don't want to.Would John be considered rude in this scenario?
13 hours
I don't want to be rude or mean, but it really gets on my nerves when co-workers tell me what to do! Like, do it yourself if you feel it needs to get done. Don't tell me to do it.I know what needs to get done. I do my job. I'm not a lazy or new employee.What can I say? I want to tell my coworker in a polite and nice manner that he/she can go ahead and do it themselves.
3 days
In high school I was in an overseas international trip. I bought a bracelet when I was there and I wore it. When we were all in the plane, the teacher asked me, "Is that a bracelet?" I said, "Yes." She said, "I just thought it was a rubber band."I took that as an insult. Because she knew my dad is a surgeon, I told her this. And I guess she thought, if my dad is a surgeon, why would I be wearing a rubber band for a bracelet.UPDATE: For those who didn't understand my question, I took it as an insult because since she knows my dad is a surgeon and is rich,she wondered why I would wear a rubber band for a bracelet, because poor people would wear rubber bands as bracelets.
2 days
So my barber charges $11 for a haircut so naturally, I give him $15 as a 4 dollar tip. But lately I noticed when I give him cash with 20s he just takes the whole 20Today when it happened for the 3rd time I said I just wanted to tip him $4 and he said, his work and time and effort is worth more than that so basically a 9 dollar tip.
3 days
Tell him to **** off babe. He's just a horny scumbag that because he is clearly a disgusting human being can't get any pussy so he's preying on women he deems vulnerable just like he did to you before
1 day
tickle fights
(just as plausible)
20 hours
What a strange question!
Yes - of course they can - just as anyone of any age can be rude.
People who are rude, obnoxious, thoughtless, stupid, cantankerous, violent - whatever - don't suddenly turn into "Dear old ladies" or "Dear old gentlemen" as soon as they hit a certain age.
No-one gets a personality transplant as soon as they retire!
2 days
When they ask you if everything will be alright when they get to heaven.
2 days
Take a screen shot of the Facebook post to the campus police and the housing office. Then insist on changing rooms immediately.

Get your parents involved if necessary. I mean, I know you're an adult and all, but I don't think your mom would take it well if they told her they won't let you move rooms until your roommate actually kills you.
10 hours
People annoy me too. I’m not a people person and no interest in making friends but unfortunately most people are extroverts and desire interacting with others. I tune them out naturally but I get feeling fed up when work ends. I have yet to find a job that allows you to work alone so I lie on application and pretend I play well with others. I have had coworkers ask me out and ask me if I’m into them because I smiled in their direction..🤦🏼‍♀️ Smiling is my default “polite” response to being spoken to because it’s rude to say shut up..
1 day
If you feel your co-worker is crossing a professional boundary, have a conversation with him, with a third party present (ideally your Manager) and assertively explain what you are observing about this behavior.Emphasize how you spend your weekends is none of his business and there is no obligation for you to share with him, ask him to clarify why he follows you into the printing room and kitchen, and ask that he respect your personal space.And remember, you are not responsible for how he might respond/react.
15 hours
Maybe those bullies are the ones in need of Jesus. Sounds like they have a severe lack of decency and manners, to say nothing of compassion.
2 days
Sounds like Tom just walked away from the lease and perhaps made arrangements for this new guy to take his place without officially changing the paperwork.Would have bee decent to tell you, but unfortunately they didn't and the new guy sounds like an a$$.
3 days
I received an invitation to a birthday party for someone I don't know. The weird part is that it's addressed to me, and there's a note along with the invitation that says "Would love to see you there, Jack!" (my name). The note also asked how my kids were doing and listed them by name (because of this, I made an informational report with the police).I do not recognize the name or address on the return label. I tried emailing the email listed for the RSVP to see just who this was and how they got my info, but haven't received a response yet. This whole thing has me weirded out. Advice?
2 days
yes it is it happened to me and i got fat poops (as i said as a child)
thats when i started walking out of class to go to the bathroom got introuble a lot as a young kid but when nature calls i will not ask for permission i do what i need to do deal with what ever later.
when you go to someone as a child and say what i had to pee pee they normallly say okay and move on.

i remember as an adult someone told me if you have to ask the answer is no. i guess i learned that early on. no one will tell me when i can and can not use the bathroom. if i'm being held against my will i would pee my pants or bleed all over their stuff and they have to clean it up. not me i will not touch it. i will laugh. and say you control me sir. guess you fail at controling things and make them feel bad. but i like to play with people sminds most are so weak.