1 week
Shania Twain, Allan Jackson, Taylor Swift (2006 - 2013)...
4 days
I wanna listen to some new music! Please recommend some songs you guys like!(Not country music tho pls, it's just not my taste of music is all!)
3 days
"59 Times the Pain" - Husker Du
"A Little Pain" - Margo Price

BA : Yay
BA2 : Yay
BA3 : Snatch
BA4 : Mr. Goodbar
2 days
I listen to jazz and classical but it amazes me how many people think pop and rap is real music
4 days
KISSalmost 50 years and still going
4 days
Many areas of life - music, art, sports, cuisine - give the partaker far more enjoyment if they learn more about that thing's history and construction.This can be done by binging when young, or gradually getting that knowledge as time passes.And yes - there are things we are all exposed to that do not "click" with us.I take a hard pass on Gilbert and Sullivan, Game of Thrones, and the NFL.And a few other things.De gustibus non est disputandum. No argument over taste.
5 days
Knowing about people you would dislike in real life, and then listening to recordings or watching them up close in movies can be an upsetting experience.
2 days
The term "written" is often used because it describes both the music AND the lyrics.I have often seen it separated, stating music "composed by" (band) or (A & B), lyrics "written by" (A).

One good example is the team of Elton John and Bernie Taupin,Bernie writes the lyrics that Elton then turns into songs by composing the music.If you do a Google search of "Candle in the Wind", it will show Composer - Elton John, Lyricist Bernie Taupin.
1 day
Enter a karaoke contest or three to gauge your skills.
Some of them may be rigged a little, but by your results (and audience reaction vs other contestants) you'll have a feel for how well you are received.
I managed to get into the karaoke business due to my love of singing and my good talent, but outside of performing for fun and profit that way, making it as a recording artist is extremely difficult.
Don't give up your dream though until it becomes obviousthat you're just not that great.
Trust me. This is practical advice!
1 day
Sammy, Dave, or Gary?
4 days
The Beatles.

This is a tough question for several reasons.During that time period (late 60's) I had an 8-track player in my car and cruised to both Beatles and Zeppelin. Loved them both. The Beatles stopped touring before their peak, in part because of the poor sound and screaming girls. So a live Beatle concert would have been poor sound, and only their pre-Sgt Pepper material. A lot of their later sound was cutting edge studio effects, hard to replicate at a concert.But this is a fantasy question, so anything is possible, right?Zeppelin came a little after the Beatles had stopped touring, and sound equipment was improving rapidly. I expect their live performances would have sounded more like their recordings. It's close, but I guess I like The Beatles a bit better for their diversity of styles.

If I had a time machine and could go back to any known live performance by either band, I would want to be on the rooftop with The Beatles when they performed on Savile Row. While in the time machine, I'd make a quick stop at Woodstock.....which I had a ride to, but chose to spend a weekend at the lake with my soon-to-be girlfriend.
4 days
Nope.The earliest electric blues that influenced the first rock n' roll came in the 40s, but the rock genre itself didn't get started until the '50s. Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley were both strongly influenced by bluesman Muddy Waters. Country music was also being electrified in the late '40s and that had influences in early rock. Les Paul and Leo Fender were experimenting with the electric solid bodies for jazz, blues and country. Rock didn't exist.
2 days
"Questions 67 & 68"
"Saturday in the Park"
"25 or 6 to 4"