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The sun is a Star in its own right, at 1 Astronomical Unit from us, or a mean of about 92 Million miles from Earth
And Proxima Centauri is 4. 2 Light Years away
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Yes, it's calledThe Large Hadron Collider. It is assumed that in the debris of some of the high energy collisions sub-atomic sized black holes will be produced. These black holes will almost immediately evaporate; so no need to worry!
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Well it is a tad under - 200 Degrees C
The Atmosphere is Ethane
No Oxygen
It rains Methane
It is over a Billion miles away
And there is no Refuse Collection
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I think some humans are turning into monkeys.
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For example , QM/particle physics etc etcwould hardly exist at all if it wasn't for the invention of imaginary numbers and exponentials -- does their necessity point to something deep about the universe ,or is it an indication that something is conceptuallywrong ?
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or at least somewhere near to the high latitude area of the earth’s Southern Hemisphere
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Totally wrong, because this doesn't cause the seasons.There are seasons because the Earth's spin axis is not at exactly 90 degrees to the plane of its orbit.If it were, then days and nights would always be the same length in the same place and there would be no seasons.So going round the Sun can't possibly explain seasons in itself.

But as there IS a tilt, THEN as the Earth goes round the Sun, day length and how high in the sky the Sun gets changes as the year goes on.

And it would look exactly the same if the Sun went round the Earth.So this doesn't prove anything, and that is why it took other evidence to finally convince people that the Earth-centred universe is wrong.ALL that seasons tell you is that the Earth's spin axis is tilted off the vertical.
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Our body is made up of clls as time
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nwr cells hnce the reason for natural dcay.
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Tell your parents and let your parents talk to the teacher and principal.
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No. Except for the "shower" of subatomic particles that allows us to detect that they existed for a gazillionth of a second.
The same way that the similar black holes created at the top of our atmosphere (by highly energetic cosmic rays) don't have any effect (other than on themselves). They too were first detected (long before the construction of the Large Hadron Collider) by the shower of subatomic particles.
And the cosmic kind have been going on for billions of years.
The only difference between the natural ones and the ones in the LHC, is that the LHC collisions are caused inside specialized detectors, to allow better analysis.