1 day
I don't understand this phrase.. of course I want my cake and to eat it too.. tf? Who doesn't??? Who gets the cake and doesn't eat it?!!
19 hours
Let's see if it works...

- I didn't wipe my butt!
- I ain't wipe my butt!

- You didn't marry my hamster did you?
- You ain't marry my hamster did you?

- I didn't lend you my banjo.
- I ain't lend you my banjo.

Hey! What do you know? It does work...in Kentucky. Go figure.
1 day
3 days
For a book. What would some annoying teenagers think of as a nickname for someone who’s just a bit serious and boring?
1 day
Jane Doe has been drawing since she was 3, her first piece a portrait that looks more like a set of balloons than her family. She likes to think she's improved since then.
2 days
a cute and generally harmless small person, I assume.Oh, context:hard working and very helpful little magical aides.Dobby of Harry Potter, say.The "elf" term is not intended to be taken literally, of course.
9 hours
1. Trump's butt2. Trump as the butt of jokes
11 hours
(Not important) My friends and i were playing a game that involved naming colours begging with random letters, My friend said lemon, we have been all arguing over it all day--- Is Lemon a colour?---
15 hours
I caused alot of trouble at school I have 3 suspensions and 8 Detentions and failed everything. I have this year and next year In secondary school left and I want to know is it too late for me to be a good student and get accepted into a college
1 day
I will attend community college this fall. I feel like living at home still but going to community college for 2 years is still like high school. Is it any different from that?
3 days
What could possibly be "wrong" with pursuing nursing if that's what you want? And be grateful you have no kids yet because nursing is a tough go & you really cannot devote the time & effort to developing your career when you have 24/7 responsibilities elsewhere. Get on with it & good luck!