13 hours
I recently got a Kodak EasyShare and want to connect it to a wifi so that I can Email myself photos. But I don’t have a Wifi card that the online manual mentions. Can I still connect it to wifi in order to email myself the pictures?
1 day
That depends. With or without a contract doesn’t matter, the contract just allows you to pay it back over a number of months rather than all at once. A new, name brand, well working phone will be around $1000. The worst but cheapest knockoff brand phone could be as low as $60. That phone will freeze up aaaallll the time, mainly only good for your great grandparents who only want to make calls. A decent phone for a low price(not name brand) that will meet your basic needs is probably $300. Personally I have an older model of a name brand phone and it’s great, doesn’t have new features but I only need it to work well for music and basic stuff. Costed me $700.
1 day
PC, Playstation, Xbox, Switch
2 days
So, I purchased a 64GB SD card for my Nikon D3400 for vacation. I was playing with the camera and ended up taking photos in “RAW” format?Anyway, I didn’t format the the SD card. I just put it in and used it. Now my iPad card reader won’t read the card? It says no FAT(32) file detected.The camera allows me to view the photos when I have the memory card in but the memory card reader app won’t view them.Are all my photos gone?? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.. I’m just learning how this works.. thank you!
5 hours
My parents have a Virgin Mobile Kyrocea flip phone from about 7 years ago.My Dad especially loves it because it slides right into his shirt pocket.Well, the top part of the phone broke from its hinges and I am looking desperately for something else to transfer his account to.Any ideas?
2 days
carrier problem or phone problem? how do i fix this?
4 days
Even though the bottle is (at least, should be) sealed,
it may have a slight leak that could affect it because of variations in atmospheric pressure.

The chemical content of the lava and liquid have been changed several times over the years,
so lamps from different eras act differently, but the same lamp should act about the same all the time.

Another possibility is the light bulb in the lamp.
If it is changed, or if it is near the end of its life,
it might not produce as high a temperature as was reached before.

Cold weathermight play a part, too.
3 days
Well, I m not so sure if it s okay to connect my USB Speaker into my Cellphone adapter, and plug it to the wall socket?USB speakerInput: USB(5V/500mA)Samsung travel AdapterOutput: (5.0V = 1.55 A)Thanks in advanced!
6 days
Keep what you have and use it until it needs to be replaced.

Tell anyone who complains about it that you are happy with it
and you will do as you like.

Or, you could tell them that if they Really want you to have a larger TV,
they can pay for it And all the new furniture it would require.