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I would guess the "night parrot" in central Australia.Decimated because of feral cats, dogs and foxes, an cattle grazing practices.
1 week
Perhaps. I think I will begin a re-introduction program.
2 weeks
Africa. China. The middle east. India. Isnt it all pointless if they're just gonna continue polluting?
1 month
South Africa is one country where you can legally own cheetahs with a permit...not sure about others. You would need to inquire with them.

We have a couple of big cat sanctuaries here in Wisconsin that may be able to help with information ofhow to go about setting up your own preserve...or other preserves that may need your skillsets.

"In South Africa, three animals in the cat family, namely, the cheetah, lion, and leopard, are categorized by the national biodiversity law as “vulnerable species.”As a result, their possession in private homes is restricted and permits are required.

An African sanctuary that offers hands on experience for a fee...may be worth trying out and getting some info from them.

Wisconsin sites...

My cousin in northern Minnesota runs a rescue center for cats, dogs , horses, etc,, and recently took a trip to Africa for a 2 week safari after dealing with cancer issues for some years.
2 months
It can be. The problem lies in the greed of man. Ivory and diamonds have little real value, just man's illusion of grandeur.
2 months
Well you fancy him not for the character he is but because of pheromones telling you he would be a good match genetically for your offspring. It's really as simple as that.

Women are attracted to certain men largely based on pheromones, but they also have free will so that's where other qualities like personality/looks/money/ethics etc come into play.

I also think a large part of this is because you believe, like you said, that you never get hit on, so he kinda fulfilled this void in you of feeling desirable. There's nothing more sexy in a person than when they make you feel sexy.

I don't think it's wrong or pathetic to fantasize, but it is to act on it. Don't worry about it.