4 days
I had a dream about my girlfriend and i chilling watching movies like normal. I knew it was my girlfriend in the dream because i was calling her by her name, heard her voice and i felt her vibe, but the thing is i seen my ex’s face instead of my girlfriends. I broke up with my ex over a year ago and i’ve had this dream maybe three times now. It’s not like this is a new relationship to me either because ive been dating my girlfriend for a year. I dont know what this dream means. Does it mean anything or am I overthinking it?
3 days
An argument in a dream is often a sign of unresolved issues with someone in real life. Dreams about quarreling are often provoked by feelings of anger and revolt towards someone in real life, and the subconscious brings those feelings to the surface in your dream. The subject of the argument is also important for determining the meaning of the dream.
1 week
Putting out fires is often the metaphor used to describe what peacemakers, and fixers do in life to resolve either catastrophic issues, or everyday stressful ones that are less daunting, but still a handful. I think the dream is a subconscious realization that you've been under that stress and are realizing either that this will be your life from now on, or that you have a situation in your life that doesn't warrant your efforts.
5 days
He's someone I know and am attracted to. He's friendly to me, but I never actually express any interest in him. However last night, I had a dream where he took me out for dinner and we actually had a good time.What does this mean?
4 days
A few days ago, I had a dream that I saw myself. This me, was in the past. I saw myself sitting on the couch from the window at a old house I used to stay.Myself looked happy - you know, the normal happy - and myself had on a head scarf. Side note, I always wear hair scarfs when my hair isn't done.Anywho, I looked at the street sign and it said, "Peace". I used to live on the street called "Brace", but this sign in my dream said, "Peace".Fast forward, I was inside the house and myself looked shocked because she saw me. I tried to keep her away from me because I didn't want her to see me, but she kept coming to me like she was surprised.This time I ran to her - you know, myself - and holding her down on the floor, and somehow I got inside of her body, like she was a spirit, and I was the soul.Pretty weird, huh? I wonder what this mean?
6 days
It was very strange. I was a patient inside of a hospital but it wasn’t just any hospital. It was a grey’s anatomy hospital (from a tv show) and all the main actors were there (Derrick, Meredith, Yang and others). That’s not the disturbing part though at all.Meredith slaps the bed and says “looks like we’ve got ourselves a broken heart. I was evaluated by one of the other doctors (a normal one) and she told me I needed a mitral valve replacement. I’m 24 years old. How is that possible? Anyway, when she says that, I ask how? I don’t remember the answer because it gets a lot more strange soon. Meredith walks out the door and sees a dead doctor on the floor and silently comes back inside and tells everyone there’s a gunner inside of the hospital. I panic and everyone hides. Two girls come inside with a electric saw and I take their saw and kill both of them. I cut one girls throat and kill the other. We still have to hide because there are more dangerous people inside of the hospital trying to kill everyone for an unknown reason.What could all of this mean? I’ve never had a dream like this before.
1 week
It’s always been one of my dreams but I’m not sure I meet the physical requirements .
1 week
I am not one to dream. I usually always have nightmares. Last night though I had a dream that I was in a strange bathroom by with someone who I idolize (a famous person, mind you this person disappears soon) and I was looking in the mirror and kept on repeating "daddy come to me, look at me come see me, please come" and the devil came out but he looked weird it wasn't like how I usually picture the devil, he had the head of an ant and the body of a tall slender man. He spoke to me and said "I can give you all you want if you just..." and then he began speaking in some sort of weird tongue. Then I started telling him quickly "you need to leave right now she's coming, she can't see you" he then looked straight at the mirror at himself took one last glance at me turned into an Asian man and walked out the door. Then I woke up to my grandma calling me (she is a religious woman). I wasn't in panicking at all I actually felt quite comfortable it was nothing like a nightmare, and he came off as a nice guy. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN IM SO CONFUSED!?!?!?!