4 hours
Like maybe killing them inside the womb without the mother’s consent or maybe force a family with multiple children would have to get rid of some their children?
5 days
Mine (and my all-time fave animal) is a guinea pig!I own two American shorthair sows.Note: hedgehogs, raccoons, skunks, shrews, rabbits, hares, pikas, hyraxes, meerkats, mongooses, ferrets, weasels, tenrecs, opossums, and noles DO NOT COUNT as rodents.
16 mins
Trump reject the crown because he would insist that the title include, all knowing and smartest man in the world also? and what would the Senators in the room do? would they plead for Trump to take the crown and add as many superlatives to his title as he wants?
4 days
Capybara: Caviidae family, Rodentia order, Mammalia class, Animal kingdom
Squirrel: Sciuraidae family, Rodentia order, Mammalia class, Animal kingdom

They are both rodents, but that's the closest relation they have.
2 weeks
I knocked on my daughters door and saw her killing her hamster with a wire around it's neck. Will she go to hell?
6 days
A Shoe box with some soft beddingand a few small holes cut in would be ideal.
1 week
I got a baby boy Guinea pig today hoping he would bond with my two existing boars and it went terrible. They do not get on at all.I am debating whether or not I go and get another little boy who was in his home before (so that he knows him) and because they’re both babies they will get on well together. OR, I could just have my baby boy now on his own and give him extra fuss and attention, although I may feel guilty about him being alone..I’m just worried if I get him a baby friend that he was with previously they may fight and I’d have to take the baby back..Thoughts??
2 weeks
I have a dog named Rockeyand this Dog of mine this stupid dog I own literally killed my hamster it was in his mouth he did not chew it or anything it looked as if he literally sucked on it until it died I came out of my room and I saw my dog i wanted to pet him and there i see my dead hamster just laying nextto him his eyes looked pipes out and his tung no blood anywhere. I named her clumbsy she would always walkof everything she was a tedy bear hamster and now I don't have anywhere to bury my hamster it's winter i have a good foot of snow and I don't want to throw it away what do I do
2 weeks
Whiskers. Eek. Sherlock. Happy. Phil. Bon Bon. Cuddles. Cindy Lou. Ragnar. Bitey. Sweetie. Boris. Reg. Niffles.