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Some one told me children tend to look more like who raises them then the ppl who r not in there life.. is this true? If so can some one please explain how it’s possible and the science behind it?
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I think that people is stupid. My sister was adopted (we live in Spain, she was born in China) and when childs we had some problems to. Some of my friends have grown on a foster home and they also had problems. In Spain, at least, most of foster children haven't had an easy live and this is something people is scared about, even when I think is just stupidity. Statistically, children who grown in foster homes have a higher chance to be at jail (I volunteer in one) just because not all them have a chance to have a regular childhood (biological abusive parents, several foster homes... That are the kind of things people think about when hear "foster children"). In my opinion the biggest isue is that people that always think bad of those who don't now and doesn't give a chance.
Childrens shoulden't be hated or stigmatized by adults, never.
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The wait list for infant adoption is very long, and newborns rarely (if ever) go into the foster system. The only time that happens is when the parents' rights can't be terminated, such as a CPS case that's ongoing, or the mother is in prison with the father unknown, etc. Then the child primarily goes to family, with fostering being a second choice.

Generally speaking, an adoptive family is chosen before birth, and the baby goes home from the hospital with them.
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Whatever the parents decide.

My parents adopted my brother, then a little over a year later put their names back on the list, thinking it would take awhile to get another child. I was placed with them nine months later.: )

We are 2 years and five months apart in age.
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Older children are typically those who have been living in foster care.

Contact your Department of Human Services, and talk to their adoption and foster care division to get the information you need.

Placements for sibling groups are especially needed, if you are interested in more than one child.
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The only way to legally put a child up for adoption without the father's consent is to have his rights terminated.That requires a legal process.

Even if you don't know for sure who the father is, you need to make a Good Faith Effort to try to narrow it down. You can't just put "Father Unknown" and not make any attempt to contact anyone.

Failure to do so makes the adoption legally invalid, and the father can negate it even years later and take his child. The mother can also be charged with fraud.
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Don’t set up a registry.When people ask you what you’d like (or ask whoever is hosting your shower what you’d like) tell them the truth.

It can be difficult to ask for cash in shower type settings because the present-opening is a typical part of the party, so maybe have a more casual gathering than a full “Oh, Susan gave me $50” sort of gift opening.
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Ok say a young 16 year old girl becomes pregnant through rape and she can’t get an abortion because of laws where she is from but badly wants one. Well say she gives the baby up for adoption and no one ever adopts it and is stuck in foster care for the rest of its life until it is 18. Well the girl who was raped and impregnated at 16 is now a grown women and has a successful career as a lawyer, married with 2 kids who she loves. The child who she gave up for adoption and never wanted and still does not wantto this day somehow tracks her down with the help of a detective even after the adoption was a closed adoption, with the mom stating in papers that she had a baby through rape. Well the baby who is now 18 is struggling in life, can’t afford school, can’t get a decent job, is on welfare, and has a rough life finds her birth mom and has done some research on her and ask her for money. The mother says she does not feel obligated to give her money because she GAVE HER UP FOR A GOOD REASON and feels she does not owe her handouts. The daughter is obviously calling her out and saying that regardless of how she was conceived she is still her child and that the mom has a **** load of money so the mom should have no excuse. Who do you think is in the right? Mother or daughter?
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Plenty of single people adopt.There are tens of thousands of children in America alone who are desperate for a place to call home, so to say someone should be disqualified just because they aren't in a relationship is just plain old ignorant.

However you should know that your chances of adopting a baby or toddler are about zilch, so you may want to focus on adopting a child over the age of five... In fact the older you go, the higher your chances of approval.You may also consider foster care; i.e. taking in children who are in desperate need of care between homes.
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Adult adoption is rare. There is no foster care system that promotes adult adoption as there is for children. You have no right to adult adoption. The closest thing I can think of is joining the military. The military then becomes your 'family,' and you will be entitled to military benefits.