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Can I use words that slightly rhyme with moment?Like would “broken” or something be an acceptable rhyme??
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Well my description of love is it's an intense feeling of happiness towards someone or something. You could say love is like flying through the clouds feeling weightless. Lol I don't know I just came up with that. And of course love can turn out bad if things go south later on.
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Boys are from Mars! Girls are from Venus!I've got a yum yum! You've got a...Darn it! My mom just came in. Got to go.
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"The blackbirds whistled it in the hedges, the pigeons cooed it in the elms, it got into the din of the smithies and the tune of the church bells."
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Obviously, love is not always returned, but love is experienced and hoped for:

-"My endless love for you is not an issue.
But only if you said that i love you too"
(One loves another, but that love has not been returned)
-"Wish the indigent hearts of the orphans
Could experience the touch of the mothers hand too"
(Orphans have been left behind, either by intent - mothers didn't want the child - or accidentally - parents died. Orphans have a desire for love and especially the love of their own mother. Most long for the touch of their mother's hand and some may spend their lives looking for that love. The mother's love is the first learned love. The word "indigent" means poor, or in need. Their hearts are looking for love, or needing that love, or possibly missing that love.
-"That lass beneath the bridge", this is hard to tell what the poem is referring to. Is this someone who had expectations of the love of another? Did someone promise to meet the lass by or under the bridge and then never showed up? Then, those words were empty and worth nothing, if the person did not show up as promised (sluggishly watching them decay).
Could this mean something even sadder - someone jumped from a bridge and now is deceased? Probably not, but the poem is vague in what it is truly saying.
-Northern lights nigh is where you find me pray", ( What does this mean? You should think about this because I don't know. It is obviously connected to the words above it, and probably below it. Northern lights appear at night, and are a phenomenon. Look it up. This is really quite lovely. But, only transient. It occurs at night, so this person is praying or talking at night, or in the dark, or thinking about something beautiful. But, northern lights don't last long.

Remember that poems are a personal interpretation. One person may see one meaning, while another may see something quite different. Poems often allow for this, inviting interpretation, while not making the meaning fully clear. This allows the reader toeither think harder, or make their own interpretation.

If this is for a class assignment, you are going to need to read and reread the poem several times, until you understand it in your own mind and thoughts. What does it mean to you? Read each portion and think about it, and then make little notes by parts of it about what you think. Link some together.

If you turn in the words of others, remember that you may be wrong. But, let's assume some of the words are correct. Now, you will be expected to repeat this on the next assignment. There will be expectation on the part of the teacher. The teacher may also ask you to explain part of your answer since you "thought it up". Be very sure you understand the words, and it makes sense to YOU. Write your OWN explanation of the poem, and even if it is wrong, if you can EXPLAIN what you put down, your teacher will appreciate this more than something you did not do, and your mouth drops open when asked.

Who do you think wrote this? Someone who wanted the love of another but was disregarded/jilted? Why did they compare this to orphans? What about the bridge? Is this a real bridge? Or does the bridge represent something else? What does a bridge do? Does it help us pass from one place to another? And what does the "Northern lights" line really mean?

Read this poem again. Break the lines down into groups. Write an explanation that makes sense, and an explanation in your own words. Then, WORDS will have meaning. If you don't do this then you will (sluggishly watching them decay), not know what you are turning in.

Also, what does the title actually mean? "If words could make wishes come true".
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Well, I appreciate the message, I believe it , with the exception of the snack.
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Glad you're not in real danger... You could send a message to the mods to delete it if you really wanted to.
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I have a poem due tomorrow and I’m struggling I don’t think this is all blank verse“It’s just like every other dayIt’s 6am and unimaginably hard to moveNewton said objects at rest stay at restMy alarm clock is the external forceI sleep in all my classes then stay awake at night”
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Velvet dress, sweet caressA whisper, a faint giggleA Pretty little rose lying in the middle.Between us a fire, Provoked by a liarBathing in fumesAs ash engulfs the roomThere’s no time for forgivenessIt’s a crime of the witnessWhile soft blue flames, dance around the victim...
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No, they keep deleting mine.
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English is poor in rhymes. The language itself is pedestrian - old English was a peasant language of farmers, sailors and merchants. Nearly all our musical terms come from Italian, our spiritual words come from Latin and Greek, and so on. The language is semi-inflected, which provides difficulties as well. Latin is syllabic, which means keeping a meter is very easy.
I think people got tired of hearing dream rhyming with stream and face rhyming with race. But there was another influence at work as well, which was the general modern rebellion against traditional form. In painting this started with Impressionism and really picked up steam in Cubism and Surrealism. In music it started with ragtime and moved into jazz.
However, rhyming and strong meters survived in popular music.
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Education and Experience. Nobody is born knowing about poetry, you need to learn about the language, the multiplicity of meanings, the way sounds work and the nuances the selection of a particular word can bring to a piece. A song like American Pie is just a nice ditty until you know the 'Day that Music Died 'refers to the death of Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens in a plane crash.

It is possible to over-analyze - just read them for the images they evoke. Something like The Lady of Shalott has heaps of literary techniques and tricks, but like a huge tapestry you can enjoy the tale of the doomed imprisoned lady. You might infer that the sense of detachment (as if reflected in a mirror) suggests Tennyson's own view of the society he inhabits, but that is one interpretation. Good poetry should be more than the sum of its words.

Look at as many poems as you can - Stevie Smith, Dylan Thomas, John Drinkwater and consider what they are writing about and why.
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Everything needs a little down time. In your case, take it, but dont write about it.
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Eyes are deep blue,Crisp like the ocean,I glanced and I'm drawn in,But, I'm just a fish in the sea,Your words cut like knives,But those eyes, them eyes,I can see behind your mask,Deep blue eyes whose words cut,Cut like a thousand knives
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Someone who performs poetry...