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being able to wear lighter jackets again, the longer days, warmer weather, trees blooming, everything becoming greener, I feel it's a new start after a severely cold winter (like the one we've had this year in the PNW).
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They are personal property same as a car, microwave or bed.
It's pretty clear in the bible that God made humans to rule over other animals and not to be our equal.

Also pets are replaceable, if your dog dies you can get another one and forget about the old one.
Now if your mother or father dies can you replace them? Of course not.
We have to remember that dogs run on instinct there is little to no emotion, so they can't compare in any way shape or form to a human being.

Dog cannot speak, think, feel. They are inferior and useless.

So what is the purpose of having a pet dog? For entertainment/human pleasure. That's about it.

Some of these crazy dog owners who think dogs are more important than humans have serious mental health issues and probably have very few real life friends. They need to get out more.

A dog is not comparable to a human child.
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I've been told many times that I look like Penelope Cruz. I myself don't see the similarity much.
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How do you take a guy seriously when he tells you that man made climate change is a fairy tale, but then tells you that an old man put all two million animals in a wooden ark because of a middle eastern desert god.Science, the GOP needs it. Bad.
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as far as I'm concerned there are none,all black girls are disgusting and smell like shít.