4 days
My niece loves princessy things but I want to introduce her to slightly more interesting heroines than the classic Disney ones (although I know some of them are great, but really how many times can you watch Mulan/Frozen?)So I wanted to buy her "Ever After: A Cinderella Story" on BluRay for her next birthday (she'll be 7).To jog your memory, this is a live-action film based on the fairy tale, but without the magical element. It's set in 16th century France. Drew Barrymore stars as the Cinderella character, who's name is Danielle; she's an avid reader who stands up for herself - there's even a scene towards the end where her prince comes to rescue her, only to find she's rescued herself and he wasn't needed at all. I love it.It's a beautiful, romantic film with a great heroine and message, and is mostly suitable I think (I know I would have loved it at her age), BUT she's quite a sensitive girl with a vivid imagination (we watched the Muppet Christmas Carol over the holidays, after which she had a terrible nightmare about ghosts...) and there's one scene at the beginning where her father dies from a heart attack and I'm a tiny bit worried it might scare her.The film is a PG. I don't want to get in trouble with the parents if she starts crying about the dad dying. Am I worrying too much do you think?
2 days
I've met Justin Bieber 6 times (he used to live in the same neighbourhood as me when I lived in LA), the Jenners and Kardashians (for the same reason), Selena Gomez, One Direction and Ariana Grande. What about you?
4 hours
I am a man who suffer from autism and Aspergers, I never had a girlfriend and a virgin.I see lot of women here having Alpha males boyfriends and much better life than those shy boys brutally attack them, abuse them, mock them, psychologically manipulate them in to major depression and suicide. How can women be so sadists?
2 days
Triplet A:fn: Audrey, Ellie, Gianna, Gabrielle, Kinseymn: Adelaide, Naomi, Iris, Kathleen, EllisonTriplet B:fn: Bethany, Alivia, Eliza, Holly, Saylermn: Maggie, Faith, Ashtyn, Kyndall, MoriahTriplet C:fn: Presley, Jazlyn, Sienna, Leilani, Morganmn: Elsie, Monet, Claire, Hannah, Hadley-- mine: --Audrey NaomiBethany KyndallPresley Claire
13 hours
I missed Payback last night, can anybody tell me whether it was good or not?