3 days
Haley,Tomlin and Butler should all be fired. Qb coach Fitchner to O coordinator,Mularkey to head coach and find an aggressive d coordinator.
3 days
John Wall, Isaiah Thomas, Andre Drummond, Kevin Love, Paul George, Jaylen Brown, Victor Olapido, Paul Millsap, Russell Westbrook, Mike Conley, AL Horford, Anthony Davis, Marc Gasol, DeAndre Jordan, Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins, De'Aaron Fox, Lonzo Ball, Dwayne Wade, Donovan Mitchell, Hassan Whiteside, Nikola Jokic, and Jabari Parker?
4 hours
I doubt I can... I'm so weak!
2 days
So yesterday, i was trying to sign myself out of school to leave early so i could go to my interview but the principle stop and told me that i can't sign myself because i don't have my parents permission. I told him i was 18. But then he said that it doesn't matter. You're still in school. There were a lot of arguments about rights of 18 years olds who are still in high school. I believe that if an 18 year old enough join the military, die for their, get married, have sex, have children, vote, move out, rent a house, or do porn then they should be old enough to sign their sign out regardless if they are still in high school or not. And yes, i still live with my parents. But that's only because i'm struggling and work at a low paying job where i only schedule for a few days for a few hours. I don't make enough to pay bills. I'm trying to find another job where i can work everyday and get paid well. But even that, im still struggling to find a job that will hire me. The job that im working right now was the only place that hired me.