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1) That's assault
2) a REAL man should never hit a woman (unfortunately we have very few 'men' out there we have much more weak ones though).

A man should NEVER hit a woman under any circumstance; doesn't matter if she hit you first or she is armed with a knife it is ungentlemanly and feminine/weak behaviour.

If you are a born a male you should have no difficulty physically restraining a female in a violent situation.

Men who hit women should be castrated because they don't have none down there anyway.

If you are hit by a woman and you were actually hurt? hahah You are a pathetically weak man I feel sorry for your parents for giving birth to such a weakling.

By the way hitting a woman doesn't make you a 'bad boy' (its how you carry yourself) or a 'tough guy' most of you reading this don't even have the balls to hit another man, let alone a defenceless woman or a child.

Yes women like strong, protective, masculine men; however that doesn't equate to violence.
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While I don't think Passmark is right, it says these 2 processors score evenly. I would assume the Turbo mode on the Skylake laptop i7 helps it manage against the Haswell i3. In fact, I would expect the Desktop Core i3 to have a better score than the low-powered Core i7 dual core.


Gotta remember, your i7-6600u is a low powered Dual-Core laptop processor.

The desktop would be the best choice because you could easily cool the part. On top of that, with the desktop you can upgrade other parts in order to make it a high end system.

With the laptop, you're stuck with the 6600u but in the desktop you could upgrade to a Core i7-4790 if you are willing to spend $300 on the processor.

The 4gb or 8gb AMD RX 480 is a better choice than a 3gb GTX 1060. The RX 480 is priced better and delivers better performance in DX12 games. The only upside to the 3gb GTX 1060 is it's lower power requirements.
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Yahoo Online Support@ +1^855^777^1707

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To remove annoying rapists questions, go to settings and change what u view on the homepage. Very easy and fast!
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I assume he means what he says. Why does he feel that they have too little control? Does it make anyone nervous that he thinks journalists need to be broughtunder control?
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Because that fag is a B i t c h!
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I was watching him earlier call CNN fake news and I instantly thought "Trump makes me proud to be American".