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Jesus saved us all from sin and death, while Trump will similarly save us from Black Lives Matter and evil Mexicans.I like how they're both opposed to gay marriage, too.http://trumporjesus.com/
3 days
Yes but coffee does not like me.
2 days
You could approach them calmly and politely, saying things like you understand they are busy and just didn't notice that the groceries have been low. Explain to them how little you've actually eaten. That will hopefully make them realize they need to take better care of you. If you're worried about upsetting them because money is low, you could try telling them that you know they do a lot for you and you just wanted to help out so you looked up some food pantries (actually look them up).Offer to look up the free/reduced lunch and foodstamp programs. You can apply for those online in a lot of places. It might keep them from getting upset if you don't seem like you're criticizing them, you just know how hard they work and you want to make it easier on them since you can't work yet. BUT if that doesn't work immediately, please tell your school counselor. She/he can help. You should never have to go hungry. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I hope things get better for you.
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Should they have there voting privleges suspended until they can vote in there best interests?
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Chilli peppers