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I took my child out of school today. There were Christmas declarations all over the school. I was appalled. I am from Japan and although we somewhat acknowledge Christmas it isn't a national holiday and we don't celebrate it.So, why can't Americans do the same here? Just say Happy Holidays instead and celebrate privately. My child is in tears and I am going to my school board later today because this is just ridiculous.
2 days
Glad to have whites back in the white house. Are you?
3 days
1 boy name & 1 girl name
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Yahoo Answers has dumb ppl who are judgemental. When i asked a simple question about my friend using someones urine for drug test, I got negative opinions. If you don't know the answer to a question, or your against it morally, then MOVE ON! To the ppl who answered my post were DEAD WRONG! She passed so she is good.all I wanted was a simple answer. No one cares what y'all think. Screw y'all F**king B**ches
1 day
Blockbuster is Anna Kendrick
Bookworm is Mary Poppins
Country Living is A Hot Husband
Country Music is Reba McEntire
Get Your Game On is Chimera
Healthy is Crescent Pose
Sports is 5 Yard penalty
The Dish is Walnuts
TV is The Sandman
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should i put them in a pile and do it all at once or separately?
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Why do germans deny WWII happened? I mean it was a huge historical event that shook the world, so how can you deny it ever happened? I mean yeah, it was a dark, bad time for the german people, but I mean so was slavery in United States, but we don't deny that ever happened. So why do germans deny WWII?
3 days
One is about helping human beings no matter your sex or race and the other is not.
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I observe a lot of things in my life, one thing I notice is that men are approaching women less (I'm guilty of this). Men I've encountered have told me, "they're afraid to say hi to a woman because they're afraid to go jail." Seriously?! What has happened to society? I mean I barely approach women, but it isn't due to fear. I like being alone, sue me :DI've also seen men not talking to women, not staring at them, or even asking them out anymore (once again, I'm guilty of this). I know feminism did some good things, but has it made men afraid of women?