5 hours
All six candidates for the Republican presidential nomination urged the Senate to block President Obama’s expected replacement for the newly vacant Supreme Court seat. They also heaped praise on Antonin Scalia, the conservative firebrand who died Saturday in Texas at 79.TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT
14 hours
I think Zach LaVine will take it again but I'm pretty excited to see what Andre Drummond will do too.
9 hours
Realize Obama is all about his "legacy" and there has never been a Black woman on the US Supreme Court. He will try to appoint a far-Leftist Black woman, or a far-Leftist Black trans-gender person who "identifies" as being female. Ideally one who is a muslim and supports the imposition of shariah law in America.
2 days
Longest organ? + black man= Penis

Your penis
2 days
He is too old, for young people to be fans of, Hillary Clinton a woman is a better choice for young people since we never had a woman president before.