4 days
Is it a part of its own spectrum? Independent of the EM spectrum?
5 hours
Vandals should be held accountable for damaging property, no matter how vile that property may be.
2 days
You know if it was against Obama, that Congress person would have been physically attacked and their home trashed and burned, their children beat up at school.
2 days
Actually using more than 40% of your credit limit will negatively affect your credit score. The smartest thing to do is to use the card to buy items that you would buy anyway with cash. Food, household items, etc. Then pay it off in full each month. In six months your score should rise. As far as getting an apartment, the fact that you were given a $2,500 credit limit means that your score is probably already high enough to qualify to rent an apartment. All that you need to do is go to a place that you are interested in living and fill out an application. You'll need to pay an application fee which will pay for the processing and credit check. You can also consider purchasing furniture at a furniture store that offers 0% financing charge if paid off by a certain time usually 6-12 months. Just make sure to pay it off and that will improve your credit score even more and won't cost you anything in interest. I'm assuming you will need furniture obviously.
1 day
I want to put some words to describe my business on business card. I hope it can be short and accuracy. There are two sentences to describe the business, "Evaluation and advisory of work health & safety in Enterprises." "Evaluation and advisory of sustainable in enterprises." There are too long for a business card, are there any way to make them shorter?
2 days
Maybe a business suit instead? Will appear out of nowhere, or will he come down from the sky?Does Jesus live in space?
15 hours
Deep brown almost black.They are like starlit pools twinkling away in a full moon and have a magical hold on women who gaze longingly into them for too long