3 days
I would love to meet Freddie Mercury or Frank Sinatra. What about you?
2 days
Bruce Arians proposed a rule suspending players for illegal hits for the same amount of time injured players miss.https://www.milehighreport.com/2014/10/6...
5 hours
Or do you just delete it without giving a hoot?
20 hours
So I'm a server at a nice restaurant and our manager bullies me. For example I had just checked on all my tables, everyone had food, everyone was good on drinks, nobody needed anything. I walked past the server line and stopped and filled a drink for myself and took a drink. My manager then says, "Isn't there anything you could be doing, go water your tables." I went and walked around the restaurant with a full pitcher and returned with it full due to the fact I had just checked and even customers looked at me a little weird for walking by so soon. I literally feel like I can't even stop to take a drink without her thinking I have nothing going on and her either barking out a command or just making a rude "workin hard or hardly workin?" kind of comment. But if I give my customers anymore attention I would be hovering over their table. I also am by far the server that cleans the most and find things to do just fine. So how do I get this lady off my back so I can take a sip without her freaking out?
23 hours
I need advice, here s some notes:-She s a jack russell terrier-Even when we leave for an hour, she constantly jumps at the door non-stop-We haven t been able topotty trainher, so she does her business near the door, resulting in her jumping in it until we get home.-We re leaving for a week for vacation-We have someone to check up on her but no one to stay here for longer than 10 mins a day-She could wear herself out by jumping-She sometimes has fits/seizuresI m just so worried about leaving her, what should i do?
1 day
Only 2 points shy of being as smart as Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkings.Now that's Bigly.