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I'm more embarrassed that you are watching through the window.
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Well since they are in the Finals they automatically have a chance(technically making the playoffs gave them a chance as long as they were still in). Honestly though I think either way they have a reasonable chance. I think Nashville would have a better chance against Ottawa, but either way they have a decent chance.
2 days
He might've been elected.
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Pl consult a doctor.Papaya ripe or green (Boiled or curry) works well for stomach.
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Walking Dead, more action and there are always several stories developing all the time. The only thing for sure is there are only about four maybe five characters that are above getting clipped. Week to week you never know who's time is up.
Breaking Bad, I feel ended it's run a little too soon. I love the fact that you always knew some one was gonna get clipped. It may take awhile however you know someone is gonna get it.

If I had to choose I would take WD over BB.
3 days
Racially, no idea how accurate that would be. Depends if a bunch of crazy white nationalists are running the US in the 2040s like they are today I guess.

Scott probably didn't give the ethnic makeup of the cast that much thought more than likely, and being a Briton he's not going to be particularly sensitive to the racial politics in the US, some of which seems deviously subtle to an outsider. Like any decent Director he probably picked the best actors at auditions rather than focus grouping them like less reputable Hollywood chaff would.
Had every member of the crew been given an overtly different ethnicity, there'd still be a vocal crowd of whiners on both sides of the political spectrum going on about tokenism.

From what I can recall of the film's cast in general (not seen it since it was in the cinema) the mission director was Black, the Ares pilot was Hispanic and the head of JPL was Asian-American. Seems pretty diverse to me.

I am pleased that a woman being the mission commander didn't ruffle any feathers at least. It shows there has at least been some progress in the knuckle dragging members of the cinema audience.

But then if demographics is all you took away from seeing the film, then I think you must have completely missed the actual theme of the story.
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I generally use on phone but when i tried to login on computer i just got stuck because the password i am using on phone is not accepting on computer .is there any way toget in to account becausesending emails from phone is very unresponsive i need help
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Who has made the bigger global impact?